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Villa Or Resort—Which Is Right For You?

(NAPSI)—Imagine you and your loved ones luxuriating in a beautiful villa—and saving money.

There’s a good reason so many families stay in a villa instead of a resort, especially multigenerational families: Busy people want to spend quality time together and a villa stay offers a very special experience.

The ways a villa differs from a resort include:

• Space and Privacy—Unlike a hotel room, villas provide far more space and privacy; some are even on private beaches. Without strangers in the next room or by the pool, you can maximize quality time with family and friends. Villas tend to be away from high-traffic tourist areas while still able to provide easy access to popular sights, restaurants, bars, golf courses, art galleries and more, so you can immerse yourself in the destination’s local culture.

• Personalized Attention—Most villa rentals are equipped with private pools and maid service. Some even have butlers and private chefs. There’s no need to get to the pool early to reserve a lounge chair or wait to be seated at a restaurant. With your own pool and a fully stocked kitchen, you can sleep late and eat whenever you want.

• Size Flexibility—When booking a resort for a big group, sometimes it’s not always possible to reserve rooms near each other. Private villa properties, on the other hand, usually range from one to 20 bedrooms and offer living rooms, dining rooms, fully equipped kitchens and outdoor areas. With a vast array of bedroom options and amenities, villas suit all types of vacationers, from honeymoon couples and wedding parties to family reunions and corporate retreats. Some villas are even situated near each other, so larger groups can rent multiple houses.

• Superb Value—Villas are often a much better value per person than multiple hotel rooms or resort suites. What’s more, a personal Villa Concierge may be available to customize and plan every aspect of your vacation, from private chef services, cooking lessons and restaurant reservations to pre-stocked groceries, golf tee times and excursions. The Concierge can even arrange special events such as hiring a mariachi band, fireworks on the beach or an opera singer for a private concert. You also save on the cost of food by dining in your villa—perhaps in your alfresco dining pavilion overlooking a breathtaking view.

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