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Published on October 2nd, 2019 | by Millennium Magazine Staff



Truth in Nature mentoring programs for fatherless boys in Columbia, SC

Camden, SC – Truth in Nature, a 501c3 nonprofit organization will continue running outdoor mentorship and ministry programs for fatherless and single parent boys, middle and high school age, this fall.  Truth in Nature has been able to expand its capacity at our camp facility in Elgin over this past year and outfitted it with bunks.  Truth in Nature’s Columbia Program Director, Daniel Beckham, is now seeking interested boys to be a part of the program.  Truth in Nature Columbia, SC specifically works with fatherless young men in the Richland, Kershaw, and surrounding communities by engaging the boys, through outdoor ministry and mentoring offerings.  We are excited to continue to reach many fatherless young men in the greater Columbia area. 

Founded in 2009 in Dallas, GA Truth in Nature has grown to Reach, Inspire, Support, and Engage young men from fatherless and single parent homes in 11 different locations across 5 states.  With our established Columbia Chapter of three years, newly appointed Program Director Daniel Beckham is excited about reaching these young men who need a positive male role model in their life through God’s Creation.  Daniel was quoted as saying “We are excited about the opportunity to engage more fatherless young men in the community with local mentors to make a difference in their life.”  A Christian based organization, young men can expect to engage with mentors in an outdoor setting, while being exposed on becoming a Christian man and positive member of the community.  These programs are free of charge for these young men after registration paperwork has been completed by the single parent.

Local residents are encouraged to support Truth in Nature as they seek mentors, partnerships with local businesses, contributors, and referrals from young men that meet this criterion.

About Truth in Nature

Truth in Nature is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission to make a positive impact on boys from fatherless & single parent households.  By using father/son type outdoor programs & group meetings they accomplish this.  Outdoor programs consisting of fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, tubing, horseback riding, and many other outdoor type programs have some common goals for each young man attending. The goals of building self-esteem, developing character, & faith in Christ are learned by connecting the boys with male mentors to help fill the void of the missing parent during these outdoor programs and group meetings.  To find out more about Truth in Nature and their work in the local communities and beyond please visit www.truthinnature.org.  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Vimeo. 

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