Tre’ Tailor launches “Coping with COVID”

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September 30, 2020
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Tre’ Tailor launches “Coping with COVID”

Award winning broadcast professional; Tre’ Tailor has launched  Coping with COVID; a timely one hour show that provides updates on the pandemic and information to help you thrive and survive COVID 19!  The wildly popular show has gained a loyal and tremendous following; from 25k people to over 40k in under 6 months.   

Tre’ created Coping with COVID to reach and appeal to the huge demographic who do not rely on traditional sources (Radio, TV, Print) to get their news and information.  Instead, this growing population turn to social media for updates which is unfortunately often shroud in misinformation, gossip and rumor! Coping with COVID provides credible information from a trusted professional where viewers can not only gain necessary and timely news of the day, but also access to local, state and national leaders who can hear their concerns and answer questions in real time!  

The popularity and credibility of the show gained attention from several entities that saw this as an innovative opportunity to connect to a viable audience who are often overlooked.  Coping with COVID is proud to have partnerships with:  SC DHEC, the City of Columbia Office of Business Opportunities, Columbia Housing and Palmetto Media Connections and others.  The show covers a wide range of topics including COVID testing, symptoms, treatments, updates, proper mask wearing and removal, School and College updates, Children’s care, health and wellbeing, Voting and Elections, Employment and Entrepreneur info, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health, COVID effected events and activities plus current events and news stories and issues that continue to affect us while living during this COVID climate.

Tre’ has interviewed numerous National, State and Community Leaders on Coping with COVID including singers Travis Greene and John P.Kee, Political Legend, Congressman James Clyburn, Senate Hopeful Jaime Harrison, Media figures like CNN contributor Atty Bakari Sellers, Fox News and CBS Political Commentator Antjuan Seawright, Veteran Sportscaster Rick Henry- WIS-TV, SC Epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell,  Educators: Drs. Baron Davis, Craig Witherspoon, JR Greene plus comedians George Wallace, Myra J and J Anthony Brown-who also has a weekly Fun Day Monday segment on the show.  Other Themed days are Wellness Wednesday presented by In It Together and the Diabetes Advisory Council of SC and Faith Fridays, a conversation with various thought leaders and spiritual men and women to encourage, uplift and motivate! 

With some 30 years covering entertainment, news and information in 6 states and 3 countries, Tre’ has reported on such memorable events as:  911, The Emmanuel 9 Tragedy, Confederate Flag Removal, The Inaugurations of 3 US Presidents, The Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise (5 years), Hurricane Hugo, The Essence Festival, plus various news of the day topics and so much more! 

Among her many accomplishments and awards for supporting events, topics and causes through her community outreach and media platform over the years,  Tre’ also received the STAR Award for Best Radio Newscaster in SC for 3 consecutive years for her expert and inventive reports! She has been praised for weaving wit, humor, care and compassion into each topic to make it compelling, interesting and informative.  That relaxed, conversational style has contributed to the success and appeal of
Coping with COVID with Tre’ Tailor! For More Information about Coping with COVID email:

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  1. LaMorris Boyles says:

    Tre I’m so very proud of you !! I listen in as often as I can or either capture the show during my down time.

    Your hard work speaks volume as to who you are. A committed, inspiring, intelligent, gifted as well as a beautiful individual.

    Remain humble and grateful as you travel this journey called life. Remember to travel light because God has the heavy loads in HIS hands.

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