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Published on May 18th, 2016 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Thomasena Thomas, 2016 Miss SC Pearls

Photo by Calvin Reese, Millennium Magazine


My childhood was very amazing. I had the blessing of growing up in a family where everyone is entrepreneurial and artistic, so I gained insight into the world of business at a young age. God has blessed me with the most amazing family who is rooted in our church, Salem United Methodist, which is where I received a lot of my core values. We attend Sunday School and church every Sunday, and Jesus is the head and reason for my life.


My gourmet cupcake and confectionery company, FairyCakessc. I love history, so my mother and I did alittle research on the first cupcake. We stumbled upon fairy cakes, which is a light, airy small cake. FairyCakessc is inspired by the concept of crafting desserts that are light and delicious with a nostalgic feel, bringing back the delicious memories you once had as a child one heavenly dessert at a time. My sister Thessalonia, who helped me get started, is the designer of the company. She and I started baking and selling cupcakes in 2013. We did it for fun at first but in Decemeber of 2014, I was selected along with 99 other students, from 10,000 as a recipient of The Disney Dreamers Academy, sponsored by Steve Harvey and ESSENCE Magazine. Prior to that, I took three years of culinary arts classes under the instruction of Chef Atkinson and Mrs.Deloris Ford. I learned the basics of running a culinary business and obtained my Pro-Start and ServSafe certifications.


I knew I wanted to pursue this as a career when I saw the smiles that crossed customers faces as they but into one of our delicious FairyCakes. They usually respond with,”You mad this? No, you didn’t! It can’t be!” It makes me laugh every time. FairyCakes Fridays is our biggest success date. This is where my FairyReps (SalesReps) and I sell to teachers, students, faculty and staff of schools in the surrounding areas and also to local businesses. In Tuesday’s, we let everyone know what flavors we are doing that week. We post them on social media and give them to our FairyReps for pre-orders. The cut-off day is Thursday at 4pm. On Fridays, we distribute to customers and extras are sold separately by our reps. Everyone anticipates fairycakefridays.

The pursuit of FairyCakessc is to encourage and inspire students to find their God given purpose and passion in life and to pursue it at any age. So, we are teaching the students we hire how to utilize their gifts and talents. They get to create and design stuff for our company! We are also teaching our FairyReps business skills, such as how to present themselves, how to stay “on their toes” when selling, and how to maintain the right demeanor. We also do special promotions and giveaways to create more hype around fairycakefridays. We will be partnered with 15 schools in the fall and are planning to expand to Columbia, Charleston and other states in South Carolina! God blessed me with such an amazing gift that I will not waste and I will try to follow his will to keep pursuing it.


After high school, I plan to attend USC through their bridge program. I want to do one year here in Florence at Francis Marion University and then switch to USC for fall of 2017. I will be expanding fairycakefridays to different schools and help more students utilize their gifts and talents. I would also like to give back to my high school south Florence and the career center because they have blessed me and helped me start my company so that I can reach a lot more people and affect many more lives.


Joshua 1:8, which speaks about learning Gods word then becoming prosperous and achieving great success. Also, Romans 12:2, which speaks about not conforming to the world. My life motto is to find God’s will, remain optimistic, and laugh. Always, always, always laugh! Laughter is the best medicine. I’ve heard a lot of people say they do not know God’s will for their life…. It’s heartbreaking. Why stay stuck in a job that you hate? God has blessed all of us with gifts and talkers that are to be used to glorify him. I promised myself that I elude try my hardest to follow God’s will and I do this by praying. I know from experience that if you have a positive outlook on life and maintains your faith, your world will be better. I try to always remain optimistic, even after a long day when i may be tired and weary; I know it will all be okay. There is a new day around the corner and more opportunities to come.


I am passionate in all that I do. I know how precious my life is and I do not want to waste a moment of it. I try to devote my time and energy into listening to God and following his plan for my life.


It is NCBA’s privilege to sponsor this annual pageant and gala to bring an end to domestic violence in the state of SC. It is a sad fact that SC is currently ranked #1 in the nation statistically for women murdered by men. To support the great work that the SC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault does, the SC State Museum will deliver a portion of the proceeds of this event. They are fighting to eradicate domestic violence and helping to address the critical needs of survivors and their families.


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