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The Expanding Health Care Industry Has Created Demand In This Exciting Field

(NAPSI)—Imagine this: Your classroom has been turned into a disaster site, and you and your fellow students must make split-second decisions and follow through quickly with potentially lifesaving actions.

Fortunately, no one can get hurt because it’s all a simulation, part of the kind of education that nursing students can get these days as schools work to meet the growing need for more nurses who are trained using the latest technology in the classroom or lab.

There are a number of reasons why America needs such trained nurses, including an increased emphasis on preventive care, growing rates of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity, more Americans covered under the Affordable Care Act, and demand for health care services from the baby-boom population as they live longer and more active lives.

“At University of Phoenix® College of Health Professions School of Nursing, we offer degree programs that stay on the pulse of health care change and address how to best prepare nurses for a rapidly evolving industry,” said Betty Nelson, Ph.D., RN, academic dean for University of Phoenix School of Nursing. “This prepares graduates with the skills needed to succeed in today’s health care field.”

Students can access nursing simulation labs that provide hands-on, lifelike patient care experiences focused on teaching applied skills in a safe environment while getting real-time performance critiques from faculty members and peers. The students practice giving injections, taking vital signs, conducting physical assessments, and responding to various patient scenarios such as heart attacks and childbirth.

The University’s nursing programs use video and audio technology in conjunction with simulation. This lets faculty members analyze and evaluate nursing students’ progress during simulation exercises and provide feedback, ultimately improving student learning outcomes.

The school’s technologies also include task trainers and an electronic medication-dispensing system. These let students engage in dozens of scenarios that give them the opportunity to build their confidence and skills in real-world nursing situations without risk to live patients, while they complete a portion of their requisite clinical hours.

“Now more than ever, we must ensure that nurses have the skills and education needed to meet new demands of the profession so they can fill roles across the continuum of care,” said Dr. Nelson. “Through a forward-looking curriculum and hands-on training, University of Phoenix School of Nursing is committed to providing nurses with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to be successful well into the future, no matter what the health care landscape may look like.”

The University offers many conveniences for working adult students including evening classes, flexible scheduling, a universitywide academic social network, online classes, a digital library and computer simulations.

Whether you’re a registered nurse looking to bolster your credentials to meet today’s higher standards or an advanced-practice nurse seeking to expand your knowledge and take on greater leadership challenges, you can get the deep industry insight and up-to-the-minute knowledge and skills you need to become the nurse that tomorrow needs.

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