Tamika Shuler Washington Joins Millennium Magazine As Contributing Writer

August 20, 2021
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August 23, 2021
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Tamika Shuler Washington Joins Millennium Magazine As Contributing Writer

God. Family. Service. Three of the most important aspects of Tamika Shuler Washington’s life, and three aspects that have helped her become the person she is today. Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Tamika Washington spent most of her career in education. As a graduate of Benedict College, where she majored in English, she’s always had a passion for writing-articles, books, blogs, and creative content. So who is Tamika Shuler Washington, you may be asking. Tamika Shuler Washington has been in education for 14 years as a teacher, mentor, coach and trainer. Her education career has allowed her to network with professionals, present at regional and national conferences, and impact over 300 teachers in more than eight schools.

Although she’s recently made some shifts in her profession, education is still a large part of who Tamika is and what she offers on a consistent basis. Tamika comes from a line of educators. Her mother, Dr. Cynthia Shuler, focuses on adult education, and her Grandmother, Sarah Gold Jenkins, is a teacher at heart, teaching women in the church, along with a host of cousins who are all teachers and educational leaders. However, this time, Tamika’s focus is shifting to educating aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship runs deep in her family. Tamika credits her love for business to her grandfather, the late Simon Jenkins, who started Blue Ribbon Taxi Cab company with his father, Aaron Jenkins. Her father, brother, and uncles, too, have paved a way of running successful businesses.

In 2018, Tamika and her husband, Devin Washington, launched a coworking space on August 23 and officially opened their doors to Converspace on November 24, 2018. Converspace was created to support entrepreneurs from all walks of life and through challenging days, rebranding, and pivoting, they’ve shifted their business model. Converspace serves over 200 clients monthly as their clients start, launch, and grow their businesses through the various services provided.

Tamika has learned many lessons as Converspace has experienced what many businesses experience in financials, marketing, pivoting, and more. “I love the transformation we’ve gone through as it has taught me a lot through the challenging experiences, strengthening my faith walk, and being in business for a specific purpose-to impact the market we serve, provide quality service and allow our faith to be demonstrated in our business” says Tamika. Through Converspace, Tamika hosts online and onsite events, including the launch of The Start Up Academy, created just for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs.

When she’s not at Converspace, she is spending time with her family, working on special projects, serving for her church, New Beginnings Outreach Ministries International, and finding ways to stay connected to the community. Tamika is looking forward to contributing about various topics from business to spiritual growth to the community to the Millenium Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @iamtamikal and @theconverspace for more information.

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