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Why I cannot support the redefinition of marriage

Written by Cameron Runyan, Councilman, City of Columbia, SC:

My recent, lone vote against providing homosexual couples with marriage benefits has caused quite a stir in the capital city of Columbia. I hope this will shed a ray of light on my action.

Let me first address two primary issues. First, nothing I say below on this topic means that I do not care deeply about the people who are in the midst of these issues. I do care, and will continue to care for them. I also pray that as they read this, they can be as respectful of my worldview as they require others to be of theirs. Second, there was a time in my life when I believed, like an increasing number in our culture, that what is truth for one person may or may not be truth for another person. I believed that we should essentially let people do whatever makes them happy within their version of “truth”.

However, a few years ago, my eyes were opened to the reality that the increasing moral relativism of our post-modern culture is contributing to the unraveling of the societal foundations we all depend on. Because so many in our culture now see all moral issues as being relative to the individual, we are quickly becoming a society where any absolute moral truth no longer exists. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the contemporary issues surrounding human sexuality.

Twenty-five years ago, there was not one country on the planet where same sex marriage was legal. Today, the push to redefine marriage and sexuality has become the issue of utmost moral urgency in our culture. This movement has led us to redefine gender and the central institution of the family in ways that no previous generation in the history of the world could imagine. We now face the once incomprehensible notion that a person can choose their gender and, further that they can choose the type of marriage arrangement they desire within their chosen gender. The fruit of this unprecedented revolution is that absolute moral truths have been exchanged for a relativistic belief system in which nothing can be known with certainty.

City Council’s vote addressed same sex couples but the impact of this moral revolution extends far beyond that because once moral absolutes are removed, anything goes. Even Facebook is in on the revolution. Users there can now choose from more than fifty different gender options. Earlier this year in Utah, a judge struck down that state’s anti-polygamy law opening the way for polygamous and polyamorous marriages.

In Germany, the restraints are even being removed from incest to allow for sexual fulfillment. A recent ruling there declared, “The fundamental right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination is to be weighed more heavily than the abstract idea of protection of the family.”

Historic women’s colleges are now being forced to accept transgender men and are, ironically in the position of discriminating against women in favor of men. On other college campuses, students are being encouraged to choose their “preferred gender pronoun” and to change them as often as they wish. These students may literally choose to be male today, female tomorrow and to have no gender next week.

The moral revolution in the educational arena is also entering our high schools as well. In a Kentucky high school, a child who was born a boy, but now identifies as a girl, has recently been allowed to use the lady’s facilities along with the school’s girls.

At the end of the day, I have been elected as one of three at-large, city wide officials to represent all the people of our state’s capital city. The balance of council did their job representing one portion of Columbia. I have chosen to represent the rest.

In service,
Cameron Runyan, Councilman, City of Columbia, SC

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