Summer 2021 Team of Mayor’s Fellows

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Summer 2021 Team of Mayor’s Fellows

One of the greatest pleasures I have enjoyed while serving as Mayor of Columbia is to welcome and introduce a new team of Mayor’s Fellows at the beginning of each semester and the start of each Summer.

Shortly after taking office, I launched the Mayor’s Fellows program, which to date has welcomed over 300 students, to provide talented and enthusiastic undergraduate, graduate, and professional students an opportunity to actively participate in our municipal government, and gain first-hand knowledge of how a high-energy local government office operates. The Mayor’s Fellows program offers students class credit, fulfills internship requirements, or simply builds experience working in public service, the community, and the governmental arena.

This Summer’s team of Fellows includes students with academic backgrounds in public administration, journalism and marketing, political science, business and management, international affairs and philosophy, and includes a graduate student already serving his community as a high school teacher and varsity basketball coach.

This new team of Fellows has hit the ground in full stride, and in their first week started undertaking projects and attending City public-facing events.

Please join me in welcoming our Summer 2021 Mayor’s Fellows!

With my greatest pleasure,

Steve Benjamin

Mayor, City of Columbia

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