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Published on March 13th, 2014 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


“Students for Civility Day” at the State House

The Richland County and Lexington County Legislative Delegations, the SC Human
Affairs Commission and the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council
collaborate to host a historic event designed to inspire youth and strengthen their
confidence in the democratic process of governing. The event will take place at the
State House on March 26, 2014.

Speaking for their delegations, Senator Joel Lourie, along with Senator Katrina Shealy,
Representative Kenny Bingham, Representative Mia McLeod and Representative Beth
Bernstein endorsed the “Students for Civility” event as an initiative to help youth
better understand and appreciate collaboration and community engagement within
the legislative process.

Members of the delegation will engage the students in their daily activities at the state
house as they demonstrate collaboration within the legislative process and their
understanding of civility in politics.

“Students for Civility” will be an all-day student only event with activities to begin 7:30
am on March 26, 2014. Student participants will be assigned in groups of three to
shadow House or Senate members all day beginning with a meet and greet breakfast
at IT-ology. Two high school seniors from each of the Richland and Lexington county
public and private high schools will be selected to participate. The day will close with
a student “wrap” session beginning at 4pm.

“We are excited about the “Students for Civility” initiative and our ability to collaborate
with others to host this event. It is my hope that “Students for Civility” will become an
annual event and a model for others throughout the state,” says Henri Baskins,
Executive Director of the Community Relations Council. To promote harmony,
goodwill, mutual understanding and respect among the people of this state now and in
the future is the ultimate goal of this initiative.

Should you have any questions regarding the “Students for Civility” day, please
contact Dan Koon at 803 737-7832 or DeAnna Bookert at 803 733-1124.

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