Announces Peace Lilies for Guns Event

 Sheriff Leon Lott is passiona..." /> Sheriff partners with ‘the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence’ to Improve Communities – Millennium Magazine Columbia SC News

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Published on April 4th, 2014 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Sheriff partners with ‘the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence’ to Improve Communities

Announces Peace Lilies for Guns Event

 Sheriff Leon Lott is passionate about preventing gun violence and knows that the more action we take toward stopping it, the safer our communities will be. The Sheriff is partnering with the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence (FCGV) to take action and create awareness to the need to act on preventing gun violence. To this end, the Sheriff and FCGV are providing an opportunity to turn in unwanted, unsafe, unused or improperly stored guns off the streets.

Sheriff Leon Lott and the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence invite you to drop off your unloaded guns, Saturday, April 19, 2014, between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM at WashingtonStreetMethodistChurch parking lot, 1401 Washington Street , 29201 and receive a Peace Lily flower.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that the Peace Lilies for Guns project is a partnership with the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence (FCGV), a faith-based, non-partisan, non-profit group that raises awareness about gun violence, its prevention and its impact on families and communities. FCGV promotes responsible gun ownership by providing information about gun safety and security; educates the public about alternatives to violence through conflict resolution and advocates for civil discourse, cooperation and collaboration for real security and a less violent society and culture.

The Sheriff stated that the objective of the Lilies for Guns program is to provide citizens with a safe way to dispose of unwanted weapons. Sheriff Leon Lott stated if we can take one gun off the streets and that action saves a life; then this program is a success. The Sheriff wants to continue to prevent violence in our communities and will continue to partner, develop programs and take action to do so.

The Sheriff stated that citizens will be able to bring their unloaded guns to WashingtonStreetMethodistChurch with no questions being asked.  Sheriff Leon Lott stated that each person dropping off their guns will receive a Peace Lily as a token of thanks. Sheriff Lott stated that you must transport your unloaded guns in the trunk of your vehicle – a deputy sheriff will assist you in removing the weapon and will process the gun for destruction.

Sheriff Leon Lott will have the donated guns chopped down in preparation to be turned into art. Pastor John Evans, chair of the Faith Coalition, stated that the Coalition will commission a local artist to create a sculpture from the weapons, which will be displayed at a location to be determined. This sculpture will be a symbol of peace and better communities. It will stand in remembrance of victims and all those affected by gun violence, and in the hope for lives free of violent crime.

For more information on the many safety and education programs the Richland County Sheriff’s Department offers, please go to or contact us at

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department appreciates the assistance of Carolyn’s Flowers and Gifts ( 2917 Millwood Avenue , ColumbiaSC29205 – 803-252-7700)


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