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Shatina L. Owens Joins The Millennium Magazine

I became an intern with the Millennium Magazine where I will be involved with focusing on the business aspects of marketing, public relations, and business development as well as the current events in the Orangeburg area.  Being able to enhance my writing skills through South Carolina’s first minority online publication is a blessing of its own, especially when I get to share this experience with other students on campus.

I began my college career at Winthrop University but later enrolled at South Carolina State University in fall 2012.  I am currently a senior majoring in journalism where I found time to write a few articles for The Collegian as well as be initiated into the Psi Alpha Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Having been raised in the quiet small town of Latta, SC by my mother and praying grandmother, I realize how blessed I was to have been brought up in the setting I did because I witnessed the women in my family, more so two of my aunts, carry themselves in a dignified manner which was instilled within me as time progressed.  I was always more focused on completing my school work and earning good grades instead of trying to keep up with everyone else.

Having absorbed everything I was taught at home and school throughout the years, I am more able to apply these effective teachings to what I am currently focused on, which will also benefit me in adding on to the positivity and uplift the Millennium Magazine is known for.  As a young African-American woman, it is a wonderful feeling to see a minority-based online publication focus on positivity and uplift among other African-Americans throughout South Carolina, especially when there is always some form of negativity thrown upon the black communities.  With this ongoing focus which has been around for 15 years tied in with the morals, values and religious teachings I was raised on. MillenniumMagazine will help me continue to focus on the true meaning of sowing seeds of positivity and reaping their benefits.

In order to help Millennium Magazine expand more throughout the state of South Carolina, a few of my ideas for this publication are based on the positivity surrounding my hometown and nearby areas in the Pee Dee Region and putting my university in a positive light aside from the current problems by focusing on upcoming events.  With these proposed ideas, I strongly believe the readership and database of this online publication will increase and give minorities a greater sense of hope and reassurance.

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