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Published on September 19th, 2019 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Seven new rides will be introduced at this year’s South Carolina State Fair

Star Dancer ride at night. Photos obtained from SC State Fair website.

Maybe it’s the view from the highest point of the Ferris wheel, or the way your stomach feels when suddenly falling dozens of feet on the Drop Zone – whatever the reason, thousands of people come to the South Carolina State Fair for the rides.

This year, fair representatives announced that there will be seven new rides available to anxious crowds. The announcement provides a description for each ride:

Star Dancer – This super spectacular ride will wow fair-goers with its over-the-top spinning motion. As the Star Dancer claw begins to spin, the giant pendulum swings back and forth, gaining momentum with each swing until it loops all the way around 360 degrees – reaching heights of more than 70 ft.

Twister – Twist and Shout! There’s no better way to describe these dual-motion cars on this elevating platform. Hang on and have fun!”

Morbid Mansion – This attraction offers a fun, leisurely ride on winding tracks. Guests should hold on to their steering wheels and don’t forget to ring their bells.

Double Decker Merry-Go-Round – Giddy up, go! This new ride is 40 ff. round and 34 ft. tall, and features 76 seats in a stunning menagerie of zebras, elephants, rabbits and some spinning bowls for the fearless. For guests who want a bird’s eye view of the Midway, the double-decker top floor of this exquisite Merry-Go-Round offers a wonderful impression of all the S.C. State Fair has to offer.

Flivver – This attraction offers a fun, leisurely ride on winding tracks.

Red Baron – This kiddie attraction features plane-shaped vehicles that rotate in a clockwise motion. Each plane loads two passengers and soars about two meters from the ground. Kids will squeal with delight as they go up and down pretending to fly.

Love Bug – This ride features groovy fun and will take children and parents on a swoop through peaks and valleys to the sounds of lively music and wind blowing through their hair. This colorful 24-passenger ride is similar in look to the Himalaya, with more gentle slopes and speed conductive for younger riders.

The announcement also noted that there will be five familiar rides returning to the fair that have not been seen for several years. The SC State Fair will be Oct. 9 through 20. Visit the website to learn more.

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