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Published on May 9th, 2014 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


SC Highway Patrol Makes a Clean Sweep of Top Honors at Police Graduation

Pictured above From left: Colonel Mike Oliver,SC Highway Patrol, Patrick J. Goshorn,SC Highway Patrol, Yakabir J. Cobb, SC Highway Patrol, Chad J. Goetzman, SC Highway Patrol and Colonel Leroy Taylor, State Transport Police

COLUMBIA – The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy held graduation ceremonies on Friday, May 09, 2014, for its 615 Basic Law Enforcement class. Services were held in the gymnasium of the SC Criminal Justice Academy located at 5400 Broad River Road, Columbia. Fifty-six graduates joined the ranks of thousands of other law enforcement officers throughout the state.

For the past twelve weeks, the graduates have undergone intense training, covering such topics as criminal domestic violence, gangs, firearm and traffic safety.

All graduates are trained by the SC Criminal Justice Academy, which trains all South Carolina law enforcement officers.

The guest speaker for the event was Colonel Leroy Taylor of the South Carolina State Transport Police. “It will become each graduate’s responsibility, as new troopers and officers, to ensure that the proud tradition and the level of service that the SC Department of Public Safety are renown for are upheld and carried on,” Colonel Taylor said.

In addition to Colonel Taylor, SCDPS Director Leroy Smith and Colonel Michael Oliver of the South Carolina Highway Patrol were in attendance.

“The training that each recruit receives at this Academy is outstanding and foundational and prepares our trainees for the challenges of the specialized training that they will now receive from the Highway Patrol and State Transport Police” Oliver said.

Colonel Oliver was in attendance to present his officer with the J.P. Strom Award.

The J.P. Strom Award is given to the student with the highest cumulative point total for all written test given during the twelve week training. This award is named after the long-time Chief of S.L.E.D (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division). Patrick J. Goshorn of the South Carolina Highway Patrol will be presented the J.P. Strom Award. “These outstanding men and women are the beginning of the criminal justice process and we admire their dedication on this achievement,” said Colonel Michael Oliver.

Chad J. Goetzman of the South Carolina Highway Patrol was selected as the class leader. “Goetzman displayed great leadership abilities in keeping the class together and motivated to endure the physical and emotional demands of the required training,” said Major John Yarborough of the SC Criminal Justice Academy.

Goetzman was awarded the Clifford A. Moyer Marksmanship Award. This award is named for the First Director of the Criminal Justice Academy, and is given to the officer who obtains the highest score during the handgun training on the firing ranges.

Yakabir J. Cobb was presented the Director’s Physical Fitness Award. Every candidate participates in a Physical Abilities Test (PAT) which consists of nine obstacles. This must be completed in less than two minutes and six seconds. Also candidates must complete running the challenge course of a three mile run in twenty-five minutes or less. Congratulations to Cobb who finished with one of the fastest times in both the Challenge Run and the PAT course ever at the Academy.

Members of the South Carolina Transport Police and Highway Patrol graduated into the second phase of their training program. All will participate in mandatory advanced and field training before officially taking on patrol duties for the state.

“Friday’s graduation is the culmination of a lot of hard work, not just at the academy, but for some it has been a lifelong dream. It will be a proud day for family and officers alike” said Capt. Art Felder, the SC Highway Patrol Training Unit Commander.



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