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Published on February 9th, 2015 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Saundra E. Carr Recognized for 30 Years of Service By SC. Commission on Higher Education

The CHE Board Chair announced that Saundra E. Carr has been on staff for 30 years and congratulated her on a good, long, successful career.  “You can take pride in knowing how many people you have been able to help over the years” was expressed to Saundra by Dr. Bettie Horne, Chair of Academic Affairs an Licensing.

Saundra E. Carr is committed to excellence in higher education. She promotes the academic success of college students by working as an advocate for the Academic Common Market (ACM) Program, mentoring when opportunities arise, and by participating in local meetings focused on education for P-12 students.  She has been instrumental in helping meet the goals and objectives of the Commission on Higher Education.  Since 2010, Saundra has managed the Academic Common Market (ACM) program by providing technical and professional services for residents who need to go out-of-state to receive eligible academic majors.  The ACM is a tuition savings programs especially for college students who live in one of the 15 participating states that are members of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), a nonprofit education organization.  The ACM can save our citizens thousands of dollars over the course of their studies.  Saundra meticulously prepares and designs her work to do “nothing less than her best.” She has seen the Commission through various stages of change and has been a part of its growth.

In 1984, Saundra came to CHE with a high school diploma and several hours of course work from various universities.  She has continually pursued higher education to renew herself and to remain current and effective. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2005. She received her Master’s degree in Human Resource Development while working full-time at CHE.   She is presently working on her Ph.D. in Management with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Change and will present her dissertation proposal for oral defense this spring.

2014 was the 26th year anniversary of the Governor’s Professor of the Year Program.  Saundra has worked with the POY program since its establishment by Act 629 of 1988 (the Cutting Edge Legislation) and says “she is honored to work with this program to make special awards to the finest professors in the State of South Carolina.”  She has worked with several citizens from this state on the POY selection committee and nominated professors.  She also worked with CHE’s Performance Funding Division, which gave her an opportunity for career growth through planning and participating in statewide and national meetings.  In addition, exposure to outstanding professionals in higher education has given her exceptional knowledge and experience from researchers across many disciplines.

Saundra also serves constituents outside of CHE.  She has a non-profit organization “Communities Empowered for Change Project.”  On September 29, 2010, a statewide community meeting “Democracy and Accountability of SC:  Voter Awareness, Education, & Participation” was held to discuss redistricting, and was sponsored by her organization. Saundra has a commitment to educating community members about the serious issues of voting, racism, and working with diverse learners and educators. Over the past few years, Saundra has volunteered her services via outreach efforts to youth-groups. Her impact on educating South Carolina students also extends into a variety of education-oriented community groups. Through her community service work, Saundra has served two terms as 2nd Vice Chair of the Richland County Democratic Party.



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