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Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club, 20 Years and Still Going Strong

The Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club will be celebrating twenty years of hosting a golf tournament in and around Columbia SC. The 2019 tournament will be held at Northwood Golf Course. 201 Powell Rd. Columbia SC.

This year the Ladies will be unveiling a new Scholarship. The Minnie Mikell Johnson Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to a female student golfer in honor of Dr. Johnson. A renowned scientist, author, and an avid golfer. The ladies thought it only fitting to honor Dr. Johnson’s memory in this way. Dr. Johnson dedicated her life to answering those unanswered questions, Why? To meet Dr. Johnson, one would never know what an inspirational person she was. She never talked about herself or her accomplishments. It was only after she passed away that the ladies learned what a phenomenal woman she truly was. They only knew her as the golfer, the writer, the researcher of women golfers. Her life’s work is quite amazing. Ridgewood Ladies are most thankful they were fortunate to have had her as a sister for those precious years.

On Friday, April 26, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. the Annual RLGC Tournament will begin. Many thanks for the support received from the community. We have over 100 golfers committed to this year’s Tournament. We are currently at capacity. The golfer’s luncheon will begin at 2:00 p.m.

We are fortunate to have three of the Ridgewood Ladies founding member still participating with the club. Mrs. Flora Dixon, Mrs. Frances Paul and Mrs. Mary Starks will be joining us at the Luncheon. These ladies along with a few other ladies in 1975 founded the Ladies Golf Club now known as the Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club.

The Charlie Sifford Scholarship had it inaugural debut in 2010. The recipient for 2019 will be announced along with the Newly established Minnie Mikell Johnson scholarship recipient during the luncheon. During the luncheon the first Sifford scholarship recipients, Christine Counts-Davis, and Christopher Sanders will be present as well as Jeremy Moore the 2011 recipient. They are accomplished contributors to society now. They annually attend the tournament and lend a helping hand wherever they are needed. Over the years the annual tournaments have awarded scholarships to Michael Parker, Daruis Lee Turnipseed, Cassidy Nicole Wilson, Carmen Hare, Ebony Bennett, Darrell Clifford, Renae Gray, Christine Counts–Davis, Christopher Sanders, Jeremy Moore and Nolan R. Moore. (

Over the years, The Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club have hosted very successful Golf Tournaments. In addition to supporting the Sifford Scholarship, the tournament proceeds also support local organizations such as Columbia Bethlehem Center, Growing Homes Southeast, Mom 4 Moms Diaper Services, Sistercare, and the Meadowlake Park Youth, to name a few. Dr. Charlie Sifford, the first African American Golfer to win the Professional Golfers’ Association of America tournament (PGA). He won the tournament in 1969. Dr. Sifford traveled from Cleveland, Ohio to be the guest of the Ridgewood Ladies during the 10 th Annual Golf Tournament; it was during the tournament festivity that the Ridgewood Ladies announced the establishment of this Scholarship.

The Charlie Sifford scholarship as well as the Minnie Mikell Johnson Scholarship is awarded to support students who matriculated at the First Tee Program sometime during their development. First Tee teaches the discipline it takes to be successful not only in golf but in life. These are the values Dr. Sifford expounded during his entire golfing career. Dr. Sifford became an author, his book “Just Let Me Play” about his experiences on the golfing tour. Dr. Minnie Mikell Johnson, taught these life skills as well via golf and whatever medium was most effective. She established a chess club for the children in the East Orange School District in N.J. Today the program is still a viable entity of academic and national success. Dr. Johnson Was a multi-faceted woman. Her role as a mentor to some of the top scholars and scientist in the country are among her many legacies. Golfing was her passion and she spent her later years documenting the history of African American women in the sport of golf. Her publications include: The African American Woman Golfer: Her Legacy; Heroines of African American Golf: The present and the future and Female Legends of the United Golfers Association. Dr. Johnson placed great emphasis on innovation and education.

In 2015 the Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club was inducted into the African American Golfers Hall of Fame. This honor is due largely to the club’s commitment to community service.

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