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Richland County Uses Song, Humor to Advocate Responsible Trash Disposal in New Videos

To encourage recycling and the proper disposal of hazardous waste and other household materials, Richland County is releasing two videos featuring animated objects, a singing employee and a rather unusual hero.

The videos use humor, music and comic-book antics to emphasize responsible disposal household waste – specifically recyclables household hazardous waste. A third video will be released soon focusing on bulk items and yard waste.

“These are light-hearted videos, but the underlying message is very serious,” said Rudy Curtis, the interim director of the County’s Department of Solid Waste and Recycling. “We hope this emphasizes to residents the importance of properly disposing of trash – whether it’s recyclables or used motor oil. The County has measures in place to help you get rid of unwanted items in a responsible manner.”

Richland County’s media specialist Justin Martin, who works in the Public Information Office, developed the series following discussions with Curtis and his staff. Solid Waste sought ways to inform the public about changes in its recycling program, including the additional items accepted for recycling.

Martin scripted, directed and edited the project – using County employees, family and friends as actors and narrators. Omah McClinton, a Solid Waste employee, is the main human character in one of the videos. He sings and interacts with several pieces of trash, roll carts and an old recycling bin.

“I hope these videos will entertain and inform our residents,” said Martin, who also plays a sunglass-wearing “trash constable” determined to keep hazardous waste out of landfills and storm drains.

The videos will air on the County’s Time Warner Cable government access channel and YouTube channel.

Martin has used the Talking Trash concept in previous public service announcements for the County to inform residents about new recycling roll carts and Richland Recycles Day.

Solid Waste is planning a recycling event this fall specifically for household hazardous waste. A date will be announced soon. For more information on recycling, household hazardous waste and other trash-related questions, call 929-6000.

Talking Trash: The Richland Recycle Song

Talking Trash: The Constable




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