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Published on August 9th, 2014 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Richland County Sheriff’s Department gets new Region 4 Captain

Pictured Captain Joseph Odom

Sheriff Leon Lott is proud of the many experienced, hard working and honest deputies who have been a part of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department for many years. Sheriff Leon Lott states that recently one of those individuals, Joseph Odom, who shines in the work of law enforcement, has been promoted to Captain of Region 4 ( Northwest Richland County ). Sheriff Leon Lott states that Joseph is a great role model and will continue to build unity between the Sheriff’s Department and the community of Richland County .

Captain Joseph Odom has been with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department for 22 years; starting his career first as a deputy in the courthouse, then became a road deputy, patrolling, and worked in the Warrant Division. Throughout his time on the road, Joseph has worked all over the county and gained great knowledge of the entire area. Additionally, Joseph grew up in Richland County and states that he really enjoys serving the area he calls home. Joseph admits that in the beginning being a deputy was just a job, but it didn’t take long until he fell in love with it and it became a part of him.

Captain Odom believes that while dealing with the criminal element is a big part of working in law enforcement, the biggest attribute is helping people when they need it most and that is the part he truly takes pride and joy in. Joseph is confident and excited about his recent promotion; stating he looks forward to the bright future and will continue to implement effective community policing strategies.

Sheriff Leon Lott believes that Joseph will do great things for Northwest Richland County and the Sheriff’s Department; stating that Joseph’s passion and commitment to helping people is obvious to anyone who knows him. The Sheriff states that all of the recent promotions/rank structuring were all designed to best serve the community of Richland County and keep with the mission of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to improve the quality of life for ALL citizens.


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