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Published on August 31st, 2014 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Richland County Sheriff’s Department features School Resource Officer

Pictured above, Senior Deputy Terrance Acox

Sheriff Leon Lott states that education comes before success in the dictionary as well as in life, which is why making sure that children are able to learn in a safe environment is of such great importance. In being aware of that, Sheriff Lott has placed at least one School Resource Officer at every school within Richland County . Many of those officers go above and beyond for the schools they serve; one of them being Senior Deputy Terrance Acox.

Sheriff Lott states that Terrance has been working with the department as a School Resource Officer for nearly 7 years now. Prior to coming on board with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, Terrance played professional basketball overseas, semi-professional basketball in Georgia , and then was a Sergeant at the Manning Correctional Institution. Terrance credits his desire to help others as to why he became a School Resource Officer (SRO), stating that he’s committed to being a positive mentor to the children who may not necessarily have that in their lives elsewhere. Terrance states that when he was growing up he had plenty of opportunities to do bad things but because he had such positive role models in his family he chose to stay on a path to success; and success he has achieved.

Sheriff Leon Lott states that Senior Deputy Acox was given the Midlands and the State School Resource of the Year Awards in 2013, which is a tremendous accomplishment. Terrance is assigned to Lower Richland High School which contains approximately 1300-1400 students. Terrance’s love for working in a school environment has greatly impacted the school and its day to day functions. Dr. Kelvin Wymbs, Principal of Lower Richland High School, states that Senior Deputy Acox has played a major role in the change of structure and environment at school. Dr. Wymbs states that the entire school and district are benefitting from Terrance’s presence, adding that the students don’t feel intimidated by him and that he always does what he can to prevent a child from making a mistake. In fact, the number of charges for students at Lower Richland High School has decreased every single year that Terrance has worked there.

Sheriff Leon Lott states that Terrance’s work ethic doesn’t stop at Lower Richland, as he is an active participant in the Richland County Sheriff’s Department R.E.A.D.Y. (Richland County Educating, And Deterring, Youth) program, and Camp L.O.T.T. (Leading Our Troubled Teens); both of which are diversionary programs aimed to help troubled youth get back on a path to success. Sheriff Leon Lott believes that Terrance will continue to do great things for Lower Richland High School and Richland County . The Sheriff adds that every one in the department is held to the same high standards of professionalism and excellence through which the Richland County Sheriff’s Department will continue to build unity in the community.


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