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Richland County Sheriff’s Department Deputies Honored for Bravery

Pictured from left to right: Senior Deputy David Fairbanks, Investigator Brad Maxwell, Senior Deputy David Colwell, and Sheriff Leon Lott

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott is proud to announce that the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association has honored 3 members of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department; Senior Deputy David Colwell, Senior Deputy David Fairbanks, and Investigator Brad Maxwell. The Sheriff stated that members of the South Carolina Sheriff’s Department presented Colwell, Fairbanks, and Maxwell with the Medal of Valor for their courage, commitment and professionalism in the face of danger.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that on January 15, 2015 the South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association held their annual awards banquet. In the presence of Sheriffs from around the State, peers, and families the deputies were honored for placing their lives on the line in service to our community. The Sheriff stated that each deputy puts the uniform on everyday not knowing what they will face during their tour of duty. The Sheriff added that these particular deputies were honored because they rose to the occasion in protection of our citizens, their fellow deputies and themselves.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that sometimes our deputies are forced to make decisions that could put them in harms way while attempting to save the lives of others; when that happens they have to rely on courage, training and professionalism to control the situation and prevent loss of life. The Sheriff stated that on May 17, 2014 at approximately 11:30PM these deputies responded to a call that shots were fired at 1351 Wash Lever Road . The Sheriff stated that in this particular situation it turned out to be a domestic violence incident with a weapon. Upon arrival, Colwell, Fairbanks, and Maxwell observed that the suspect had barricaded all entrances to the house and had a large knife in his possession. The Sheriff stated that Colwell, Fairbanks and Maxwell decided that the situation could not wait for the department’s Special Response Team and worked together to distract the suspect, they forced entry into the home and apprehended the suspect through non-lethal means. This quick and decisive action ultimately saved all individuals involved, while also protecting each other. The Sheriff stated that the suspect put the deputies in a situation where they could have used deadly force, yet they chose to spare the suspect’s life while also saving the victim. The Sheriff added that it’s nice to also honor these deputies essentially for something that they didn’t do; they chose not to use deadly force even though it would have been justified and came face to face with danger to avoid any civilian casualty. It was truly an exceptional life saving act of bravery.

As the Sheriff of Richland County, Sheriff Leon Lott has committed himself to making sure our deputies are given the best training; in order to make the best decisions to care of the citizens of Richland County . Through this commitment we will achieve our mission of improving the quality of life for ALL citizens of Richland County .


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