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Richland County Sheriff’s Department Deputies Honored for Bravery

*Pictured left to right Tonya Fields, Senior Corporal James Gore, Captain Scott Plexico and Chief Wash James

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott is proud to announce that the American Legion Post 182 honored a deputy from the Richland County Sheriff’s Department; Senior Corporal James Gore was presented with the Lifesaver Award! Senior Corporal Gore received this award for his outstanding act of heroism which led to the saving of a life.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that on March 10, 2015 the American Legion Post 182 held a ceremony in honor of first responders. Sheriff Leon Lott stated that each deputy puts the uniform on everyday not knowing what they will face during their tour of duty. The Sheriff added that James was honored because he rose to the occasion to save a life.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that sometimes our deputies are forced to make decisions that could put them in harms way while attempting to save the lives of others; when that happens they have to rely on courage, training and professionalism to control the situation and prevent loss of life. The Sheriff stated that on September 10, 2014 at approximately 8:30AM, James was flagged down by a concerned citizen stating that a man was on the Spears Creek I-20 overpass with a rope tied around his neck and was about to jump off of the bridge. Upon making contact with the intended jumper, he stated that he did not want to live anymore. James listened attentively to the man as he expressed the hard time he was going through for why he wanted to end his life, however James assured the man that what he was going through, while undoubtedly tough, was not worth giving up his life over. As the man positioned himself directly over the lanes of traffic on I-20 and kept looking down as if trying to time his jump. As a large crowd began to gather around, James asked the man if those were some of his family members gathering on the bridge. As the man turned to look into the crowd, James acted swiftly and grabbed the man, pulling him off of the bridge railing and onto the safety of the sidewalk. After, the man told James that he made a good move by pulling him to safety.

Sheriff Leon Lott commended the actions of Senior Corporal James Gore; this situation could have ended tragically, not only for the man attempting to jump but also for his family and friends who loved him. The man has since found a new reason to live, believing this was a divine intervention; he has since, become gainfully employed, and has sought help for the issues that plagued him prior to this almost tragic day, and started building his family. The Sheriff stated that to this day, this man is thankful to James who was in the right place at the right time.

As the Sheriff of Richland County, Sheriff Leon Lott has committed himself to making sure our deputies are given the best training; in order to make the best decisions to care for the citizens of Richland County . Through this commitment we will achieve our mission of improving the quality of life for ALL citizens of Richland County .


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