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Richland County to Roll Out 48,000 New Roll Carts, Implement Changes to Bulk Item Pick Up

The new lime-green, 95-gallon recycle roll cart is on the left

To start off the new year, Richland County is revving up its recycling efforts by delivering new roll carts to more than 48,000 residents – another huge step in the County’s dedication to a sustainable future.

The delivery of the new roll carts next month is the third and final phase of a plan to increase recycling availability to every resident serviced by Richland County Solid Waste and Recycling. Last January, 16,000 households received new roll carts, which replace the red recycling bins residents previously used. Another 17,000 were delivered in January 2013. The new 95-gallon roll carts will give residents a larger container for holding their recyclables, which will hopefully encourage more residents to recycle and increase the amount of recyclable materials collected.

“Richland County Council and the Solid Waste and Recycling Department are committed to providing Richland County citizens the best opportunities to recycle their household trash,” said Rudy Curtis, interim director of Richland County Solid Waste and Recycling. “Typical families could recycle up to 70 percent of the waste they currently place in their trash roll carts, so we are hoping the larger recycling carts will encourage them to fill up the new containers.”

Residents in the northern part of Richland County will be receiving the lime green roll carts beginning Jan. 5 and continuing through Jan. 30. The last day recyclables will be collected from the red bins is Jan. 30. Residents may keep their red bins for personal use or recycle them by placing them inside the new roll carts.

The recycling roll carts – which should still be placed curbside by 7 a.m. – will be collected every other week.

Knowing what to recycle is key. A new Talkin’ Trash booklet that clearly explains items that can and cannot be accepted for curbside recycling will be mailed to affected residents. The booklet also contains specific details about household hazardous waste disposal, compliant and non-compliant yard waste and bulk items that are acceptable for collection after an appointment is made.

Important recycling notes to remember are:

  • 48,000 residents will be receiving new 95-gallon recycle roll carts starting Jan. 5
  • The last day recyclables will be collected from the small red bins is Jan. 30
  • Curbside recycle  collection days will not change for those affected residents, however, the new recycling roll carts will only be collected every other week
  • In January, curbside collection haulers will be leaving recycling calendars with each resident in the affected areas

In addition to the new recycle roll carts, a change is being implemented regarding bulk item pick-up.

Beginning Feb. 2, bulk items will be collected by appointment only.  In order for qualifying bulk items to be picked up, residents will need to call the Ombudsman’s Office at 803-929-6000 to schedule an appointment.  More information about bulk items can be found by visiting

“Bulk item collection times have been unclear to most citizens over the years, so the items were frequently left on the street for extended periods of time posing safety concerns as well as creating an unsightly situation,” Curtis said. “With the appointment option, citizens can make the appointment then place the item at curbside on the collection day.”

Additionally, starting Feb. 2 yard waste will be collected in unlimited quantities, either loose or containerized.

Click here to view a video detailing these updates to the County’s solid waste and recycle collection. Please contact the Richland County Ombudsman’s Office at 803-929-6000 with any questions.



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