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Pictured Representative Leon Howard and Representative Kambrell Garvin

COLUMBIA, SC. The Richland County Legislative Delegation, composed of five (5) SC Senators and twelve (12) SC House of Representatives, met on Thursday, December 10, 2020 to choose new leadership. The Richland Legislative Delegation, through acclamation, elected Representative Leon Howard as Delegation Chairman and Representative Kambrell Garvin as the Delegation’s Vice Chairman.

Representative Leon Howard, recently re-elected to SC House District 76, has held many leadership positions at local, city and state levels. His commitment to equitable and efficient service to the citizens of Richland County and South Carolina is shown in his role as the House Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs Committee Chairman, 2007-present. Representative Howard believes that everyone should feel they have a part in the decision making process. He expressed his appreciation to his colleagues for showing confidence in his abilities to lead and invited the delegation members “to submit suggestions on how to move forward in conducting the business of the Richland Delegation.”

Representative Kambrell Garvin was recently re-elected to serve SC House District 77. Rep. Garvin noted his eagerness to serve with Rep. Howard, as Vice Chair of the Richland Delegation. He shared his desire to work with delegation staff to ensure services, such as, notary processing and appointments to boards and commissions are continuously efficient. Representative Garvin is committed to working for the citizens of Richland County.

The newly elected leaders plan to work closely with all Richland elected officials to develop and maintain a high quality of life for all Richland County residents.

For additional information, please contact the Richland Legislative Delegation Office at 803.576.1907 or via email

CONTACT: Kim Janha, Legislative Services Coordinator Richland Legislative DelegationRICHLAND COUNTY LEGISLATIVE DELEGATION ELECTS NEW LEADERSHIP

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