Re-Discover ME: Mental Safety Plan Book

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Re-Discover ME: Mental Safety Plan Book

Pictured Dr. Juanita Britt McDonald

We are excited to announce the new release of the “Mental Safety Plan” journal for women. Re-Discover ME’s Mental Safety Plan/Journal is a personalized practical plan that provides solace and restoration for women overwhelmed by stress and mental exhaustion. This book is a great resource in supporting the mental well-being of a woman as she analyzes stressful situations or past traumatic experiences, while designing a holistic approach to become mentally, physically, and spiritually healed and whole.

 Key Features:

·         Perfect purse size for daily use

·         Uplifting quotes

·         Assessments and Links

·         Holistic self-care solutions

·         Mental Intervention Plan

·         Perfect for gift-giving

Re-Discover ME Women Initiative is a nonprofit organization that Engages, Educates, and Inspires change for which a woman or teen girl affected by abuse, trauma, and metal health concerns can rediscover the “ME” she strives to be. Since our inception in 2016, we have worked with over 300 women and teen girls. Our aim is to “Mentally Elevate” survivors who may be trapped from past abuse and traumas. Although women are at greater risk for negative consequences following a traumatic event, many often hesitate to seek mental health treatment. Survivors often wait years to receive help, while others never receive treatment at all. Untreated posttraumatic symptoms not only have tremendous mental health implications but can also lead to adverse effects on physical health. The hope in creating the ‘Mental Safety Plan” is to provide self-awareness, positive motivation, and effective change for which a woman can begin to make a conscious decision in moving forward in her healing.

An autograph copy of the Mental Safety Plan book can be purchased through our website: or through .

Re-Discover ME Women Initiative will serve as resource for survivors in our communities and as a training tool for community leaders and organizations to spread awareness of Abuse, Trauma, and Mental Health concerns. If you would like to volunteer or be a community resource, contact Dr. Juanita McDonald at


Juanita McDonald is the Executive Director for

Re-Discover ME Women Initiative. She holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarian Arts, a Master’s Degree in Change Leadership and Minor in Human Behavior, registered as a Victim Service Provider for the state of South Carolina and certified as a Girl Circle Facilitator through the Department of Social Services. 

Juanita created Re-Discover ME after going through a period of personal loss and re-establishment. During the time that she began to accomplish her own personal goals, she quickly realized the extent that women lose their identity by conforming to titles placed upon them by others or situations, which hinders her from fully developing. Therefore, our services center on Abuse, Trauma, and Mental Health Advocacy for women and teen girls. 

While creating the company’s educational plan during its first year, Juanita worked with a test market of sixteen women from different underserved communities for four weeks (two groups), which resulted in four women (36%) making personal life changes.

We encourage you to connect with us through all our social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also email Juanita McDonald at

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  1. Thank you for creating a book that Survivors like myself can use!

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