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Profitable Home-Based Businesses for Women

by Jacey Johnson

Today’s woman is a multi-tasker juggling many things, managing personal and professional commitments from family to children to careers. While it is great to experience the rush and thrill of working from office, it may sometimes be easier and more comfortable to work from home especially when you have people to take care of such as small children or you are having some incapacity. In these cases, it is good to look for options and ideas which can get you running your office from the home and yet keep you financially independent and happy. You can start planning such a long-term avenue of work from college days onwards.

With that in mind, let us go through some ideas for home based businesses which will not only help in channelizing your ambition and drive but if done and managed well can help you become a successful entrepreneur, with the freedom of working from your own space and control over your own movements. In addition, you can cut down on the costs of renting office space and reduce other financial commitments when you choose to run your office from a dedicated office space provider.


If you are blessed with creative talent, then there is nothing like being an artist. You can convert your home into your work place. You can create your creations there; you can set up a home office to carry out marketing and management of sales. You can create an artist gallery to display your works of arts, carry out exhibitions as well as coach people to promote yourself. You can be a painter, a sculptor, a sketcher, cartoonist, creating gifts and knick-knacks- if you have the knack go for it and sell your products. You need to possess some good communication skills and a marketing mindset.


If you can write well, you can carry out an online business from your home through blogging and writing. Many companies will pay you to write and promote their products. You can even be a freelance blogger, select a niche area to focus on and write on those areas. You can use social media to promote your blogging. As you become more popular, you will get more opportunities. Many women are good at expressing themselves through writing.

Marketing Consultant/Copywriting

Another interesting option is to carry out consultancy work from home. You can take out time to recharge and refresh yourself whenever you want. Of course, you would need to create a discipline to ensure that your work does not get affected.

Life coach

A great opportunity for you to work from home is to be a life coach. If you have a background in psychology, possess great communication skills and wants to bring out the best in people, this is a great career. You can always carry out your motivation sessions at your home-office. It does not need very expensive infrastructure – excepting possibly, making your home as positive and welcoming as possible and investing in books and videos related to improving and enhancing life. This field has enormous potential as there are a wide range of clients of different categories- from students to professionals, who would need a helping hand and a motivator to help them out in managing and equipping themselves with life skills.

Business plan writer

If you really want to run a profitable business, why not get into the business of helping others with their own businesses? Articulate, communicative women are often very astute businesswomen too. You can help the client create their own business plans. You can do all this from the comforts of your own home excepting when you may need to do some visits and promotions.

Interior Designer

If you are interested in bringing some joy and happiness to people ‘s lives , you can do interior designing: a job that will never go out of demand or popularity. You can easily pursue it from the safe confines of your home. You can cut down on rental and travel expenses except when you need to go and visit clients’ home. It again thus gives you the freedom, the independence and the profits you want. The US Census Bureau’s figures show that nearly half of the businesses in the US are run out of someone’s home and that home-based businesses are increasingly popular.


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