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Published on November 7th, 2018 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Prep-Your-Place Pointers

Taking a few simple steps now can help keep your home cozy and comfortable when the cold winds blow.

(NAPSI)—Many people may be surprised to learn that fall is actually the most affordable season for home prep and repair projects. There’s less demand, so homeowners enjoy breaks on equipment and services.

An easy place to begin is at the window. Cracked and warped windows can often cause heat to escape. “Windows that produce a draft or feel cold on the inside should be replaced,” explains Richard Kasunic, a home repair expert with Window Nation, one of the country’s leading window replacement companies. Modern vinyl windows fit tightly to shield homes from wind, water infiltration and inclement weather overall. With that said, many homeowners have older windows and are often “heating the outside,” adds Kasunic.

“On average, homeowners spend 40 percent of their utility expense dollars on heating and cooling,” he says. “But if new windows aren’t in this year’s home budget, you might want to pick up insulated curtains, window and door gap seals, and add draft snakes on windowsills.”

He also suggests replacing the weather stripping around doors if you see any light around the edges. For less than $10, you can likely reduce electrical bills throughout the year.

Beyond windows and doors, exterior outlets, plumbing and utility access, chimneys and walkways should be sealed for unwanted holes, says Kasunic. And homeowners should have their furnaces and roofs professionally cleaned and inspected.

Finally, cover the water heater and change the furnace filter so your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard.

If you are thinking of new windows, Kasunic agrees that this is the best time for both availability and price.

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