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The Positive Side of Being Single

This list focuses on the positive side of being single. All the good things that are more difficult to have when living with a partner.

Having free time, all to yourself. Take that time to develop a talent.

Living in your own mess or order, without having to adapt to someone else’s way of life.

Not having to share your favorite foods, but having them all to yourself.

No one steals your blanket or kicks you in the middle of the night. You sleep better, having no disturbances, without waking up before time.

Putting on some loud music, and enjoying your type of music, without having to put up with tunes that you do not like.

Having peace and quiet all day long, with no disturbances.

Not having to watch TV shows that you do not like.

The computer seat is never taken by someone else.

Not running out of hot water, having to take a shower after your partner.

Talking private conversations on the phone with friends, without having to lower your voice.

Meeting new people of the opposite sex, without being questioned about it or being envied.

Coming home late at night and bringing friends, without waking anyone up.

Having to clean only after yourself.

Not having to wait for anyone or hurrying up. Going at your own pace.

There are no arguments or misunderstandings.

Everything stays right where you put it, nothing is lost.

It is easy to monitor all expenses.

Friends can come over any time you want.

Enjoying the benefit of eating healthy garlic, without worrying about having a bad breath.

Not having to mind your manners.

Not having to shave, or wear nice clothes for anyone but yourself.

Not owing any explanation of your acts to anyone.

Having the freedom of choice.

Some people get used to being single, and find it hard giving up on their freedom, after a long time of living alone. Having a life partner can be great, but both ways of living have their benefits. Being single does not mean you have to be lonely. Find friends to be with, and you will never be alone.


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