Pastor Michael Baker, Greater St. Luke Baptist Church

Sisters of Charity Foundation of S.C. Reaches $80 Million Grant Funding Milestone During 25th Anniversary
June 8, 2021
June 9, 2021
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Pastor Michael Baker, Greater St. Luke Baptist Church

There are 7UPS ATTITUDES that a Christian should have that leads to right actions with Divine LOVE!!!

It starts with WAKE UP—Begin the day with the Lord in prayer and Bible reading. It is His day—rejoice and be glad in it!!!

DRESS UP—Put on a smile. It improves your looks and says something about your attitude.

SHUT UP—Watch your tongue. Don’t gossip. Say nice things about others. Learn to listen more.—-

STAND UP—For what you believe in. Resist evil. Do good.

LOOK UP—Open your eyes to the Lord. After all, He is your Savior—-

REACH UP—Spend time in prayer with adoration, confessions, thanksgivings, and supplications in the Lord. —

LIFT UP—Be available to help those in need by serving, supporting, and sharing!!! Love you ❤PB and I approve this message

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