Pastor Charles Stanley; God’s Wisdom Revealed

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December 23, 2020
December 23, 2020
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Pastor Charles Stanley; God’s Wisdom Revealed

1 Corinthians 2:6-16

In today’s reading, the apostle Paul discusses godly wisdom. This kind of knowledge isn’t available through human reasoning. It is of a higher realm and comes through divine revelation.

This supernatural insight is the only way to accurately know the Lord and His ways. People who lack it will often try to fit God into their preconceived image of Him. This amounts to custom-designing a god, based on their own ideas, to fit their preferences.

The Bible is our most reliable source of divine revelation. When we search for truth, we must consider the entirety of God’s Word instead of just picking and choosing verses we want to believe. For example, imagine if we were to focus only on passages about the Lord’s lovingkindness while disregarding those that deal with His holiness and justice—we’d end up with a lopsided understanding of His true nature.

So let’s take the entire counsel of Scripture into consideration. And remember that divine wisdom is available to every believer through the Holy Spirit, who searches the depths of God. May we never try to limit Him to fit our preferences. Instead, let’s allow the Lord to enlarge our minds so that we can know Him fully.  

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