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Published on September 7th, 2015 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Missing a Friend

By Dr. Jed Snyder

Have you really missed a friend?  Maybe your friend moved or you moved.  You try to keep up with each other, but the face to face friendship is sorely missed.  Betty, my wife and I moved several years ago.  I had an older gentleman, old enough to be my father, who was my friend. Many years ago before Billy Graham went to Columbia, SC for a crusade, we started praying together for the crusade and other things.  We never quit until I had to move.  How I miss that hour each week when we could talk a little and pray!  I wonder about you.  Do you miss a friend? Or do you not even have a friend to miss?

Our son, Tim and his wife gave me a book for one Father’s Day by Brennan Manning. In it the author speaks of a conversation he had while a college chaplain with a young student.  The student said that his life had become really busy.  He was doing well in academics and involved in a lot of other activities.  But he said that he missed being friends with Jesus Christ.  He said that in High School he had spent lots of time in prayer and reading the Bible, but he got so busy in college that his friendship with Jesus had cooled.  He missed his friend.  He had allowed this friendship to cool off.

Clearly is it hard to miss a friend if you don’t have a friend to miss.  Is Jesus Christ your friend?  Do you spend time with Him?  If He is your friend, you know that you can tell Him everything.  He listens, understands and when helpful He responds.

Happy having Jesus as your friend.



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