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COLUMBIA, SC— The Board of Directors, authors of “The Makings of a Man,” have partnered with Concerned Black Men of Columbia for the second year to host the Principals of Manhood Symposium. The event will be held at The Cecil Tillis Center (2111 Simpkins Lane, Columbia, SC 29204) on August 7, 2014 from 5:00 to 7:30PM.

“We’re glad to work with The Board of Directors again to reach the young men in the Columbia community,” said Jimmie Wright of Concerned Black Men. “Events like the Principles of Manhood Symposium are a key part of the consistent effort that’s required to affect change in our community.”

The Principals of Manhood Symposium will focus on the importance and impact of leadership amongst males. Community leaders will be speaking to the young men about their personal leadership experiences and how the youth can implement leadership principals into their daily lives. There will also be a panel discussion to address issues the young men may have with leadership.

“We really want to provide examples and give the young men something tangible,” said Gerard Droze of The Board of Directors, “We all know the problems young men face today. Showing them real life examples of men who have overcome obstacles similar to the ones they’re facing may be the experience many of these young men need.”

According to, over 35% of children in the United States grow up in a single mother household. While it’s important for all children to have a healthy relationship with their father, the absence of a dad is particularly detrimental for young boys. The Board of Directors and Concerned Black Men aim to provide positive male leadership examples to young men not only through the mentoring their organizations do, but also though their personal conduct.

“We understand it’s good to put on these events and talk to the youth about leadership, but we have to first be accountable and hold ourselves to the standards we expect of them,” said Michael Holoman of The Board of Directors. “For boys, your talk has to be followed up with action that matches what you say. That’s leadership.”

“We’re confident each young man will walk away from the symposium understanding they have the ability to lead,” said Jabari Price of The Board of Directors. “Giving them examples of men from the same city and circumstances as them should instill hope in them that they can become leaders too.”

The Principals of Manhood Symposium is free and open to the public. For more information, visit


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