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June 2, 2020
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June 3, 2020
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‘If I can get it, so can you’

Kambrell Garvin, Richland County  Representative tests positive for COVID-19

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Rep. Kambrell Garvin (D-Richland County announced Monday he has tested positive for COVID-19.

“After falling ill on the evening of Tuesday, May 26th, based upon my symptoms, I immediately quarantined and got tested for the novel coronavirus the following day,” Rep. Garvin said in a statement. “I learned on Friday that my results were COVID-19 positive. How I contracted this contagion will probably forever be a mystery; however, one thing is abundantly clear: if I can get it, so can you.”

Rep. Garvin, who represents District 77, has been one of several state lawmakers partnering with agencies to ensure COVID-19 testing was made available throughout the Midlands.

With his diagnosis, Rep. Garvin has urged residents to remain vigilant and continue to take precautions to avoid being infected.

“I share this diagnosis publicly to serve as a warning to others and to urge caution as you travel within our community and state,” he said in the statement. “By reintegrating into our regular, non-essential activities, far too many have a false sense of security and normalcy and have since thrown caution to the wind. To my constituents, Richland County continues to be a hotbed for this virus and as a result of our economy ‘reopening’ and social distancing practices becoming lax, the probability of contraction will greatly increase.”

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