I. DeQuincey Newman United Methodist Church Celebrating Women’s Day

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I. DeQuincey Newman United Methodist Church Celebrating Women’s Day

Theme: “Knitted Together for God’s Good Work”

I. D. Newman United Methodist Church Women’s mission is to carry out our charge to be of service to humankind.  Despite unforeseen obstacles like the pandemic, we remain committed.  Our unit is truly knitted together to stand true to our mission to be of service.  We are aware that our mission is much more dire during the advent of COVID-19.

The adage “when times get tough, the tough “gets” going” is truly in play for I. D. Newman’s United Methodist Women’s unit.  We stand strong and true to our theme, KNITTED TOGETHER FOR GOD’S GOOD WORK.

On Sunday, March 21, 2021, at 10:00 a.m., I. D. Newman’s women’s unit will celebrate their Annual “Women’s Day” program via Facebook Live at IDNewman.org.  Our guest speaker for the occasion is Reverend Dr. Robin Dease, Hartsville District Superintendent.

We are anxiously awaiting a powerful message from this outstanding child of God.  During these troubling times, a message from God is what we need.  Even at times when social distancing or other obstacles may physically keep us apart, we are knitted together as a community to do transformative works.

Our most pressing goal is to increase our presence outside of the church building.  We see the dire need now more than ever; this is expected of us as Christians.  There is much to be done in our community.  God has no hands but our hands, no feet but our feet.

Please join us as we continue to be Knitted Together for God’s Good Work.

7801 Wilson Blvd, Columbia, SC 29203

(803) 786-9894

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