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Published on December 12th, 2016 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


How To Help Relieve Caregiving Stress In 2017

Caring for someone who is ill or elderly can be easier with help from modern technology.

(NAPSI)—If you are one of the 34 million informal caregivers in the U.S. today, it may be wise to look beyond such things as a better diet for a New Year’s resolution and consider some new methods to help relieve stress related to caring for a loved one. Caregiving is a very important job but doing it effectively can have a major impact on both you and your loved one’s well-being. So as people make resolutions to help improve their lives, it’s a great time to consider available support to relieve your caregiver stress and ensure you are providing the best care possible.

“Given the growing number of seniors in the U.S., there’s a great opportunity for caregivers to use technology, such as wearables, to help keep loved ones safe and help them maintain their independence,” says Kimberly O’Loughlin, senior vice president and general manager of Philips Lifeline. “Additionally, once these technology solutions are in place, caregivers find they benefit from peace of mind in knowing their loved one is being protected.”

O’Loughlin urges caregivers to take the following recommendations into consideration when planning New Year’s resolutions, as these will help ensure you are being the best caregiver you can be:

* Research a senior-friendly wearable: This technology has become increasingly popular over the past few years and 2017 will be no different, with forecasts predicting that 274.6 million wearable electronic devices will have been sold worldwide in 2016. There are many options designed for seniors that can help monitor for falls and wandering, and even help predict when they are at risk for a health event.

* Rely on connected care to be there when you can’t: Nearly one-third of caregivers have said that their responsibilities take up to 28 hours a week. Technology can help watch over your loved one even when you can’t be there, providing caregivers with greater peace of mind.

* Take advantage of the holiday season to talk with family: The holiday season brings loved ones together and can provide an excellent opportunity to have important conversations about caring for a senior. Don’t be afraid to tell the people you care for how much you love them and how using technology, such as a medical alert device, may ease some of your concerns.

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