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Keep Your Family Safe: What You, And Others, Can Do

(NAPSI)—It’s safe to say that in most cases, safety is, well, no accident. When everyone from individuals to major corporations takes proper precautions, the nearly 30 million injuries the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports come to emergency rooms every year could be greatly reduced.

Railroad tracks are one area in many communities where proper caution can prevent injury or tragedy.

Safety Hints

Here are a few reminders to keep your family safe around railroad tracks:

• Cross only at designated public crossings.

• Remember, railroad tracks are private property. Trespassers are subject to arrest and fine.

• It can take a mile or more to stop a train.

• Flashing lights indicate a train is approaching. It could be from either direction.

• At train tracks, always expect a train.

One Company’s Efforts

Here’s a look at what one company is doing to improve safety on the tracks:

• BNSF, one of America’s leading railways, was founded on a culture of safety. While the rail industry as a whole is very safe and has reduced employee injury, train accident and grade crossing collision rates by nearly 80 percent since 1980, BNSF reports even lower incident rates than the industry average.

• Its track and equipment inspection program exceeds federal standards. Most key routes are inspected at least four times a week and the busiest mainline routes are inspected every day.

• The company emphasizes employee safety compliance.

• It also uses a combination of field training, on-the-job training, long-distance learning and technical training at a centralized training center where about 9,000 employees train per year.

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