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Published on May 25th, 2016 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Fabulous Skin Equals Fabulous Makeup

Pictured Takiyah Green, Millennium Magazine’s Contributing Publisher of the Lifestyle section

Spring and summer are popular seasons for joyful weddings and blissful gatherings. So when it comes down to wedding makeup, and even everyday makeup, proper skin care beforehand helps to ensure the best makeup looks and a flawless finish.

It is important to understand that less is sometimes more in regards to wedding makeup or wearing any type of makeup, especially in the spring and summer heat. Less skin will need to be “covered up” when proper skin care is in place. Remember that day-to-day makeup is an enhancement, not a replacement.

A great skin care routine will assist in balancing skin and make skin feel, look and be healthy. Great skin care will also help to make the skin look supple.

A few important aspects of skin care is key to perfecting how skin behaves. Keeping up with routine professional facial services will enhance the health and look of skin. Professional facial services will ensure that the skin receives quality skin care products and enhance blood circulation in the skin which will assist in achieving the maximum skin health results.

Skin health is also maximized when professional, quality skin care products are used at home. A few key ingredients to look for in a product line may include lactic, glycolic and/or hyaluronic acid. Products with ascorbic acid (vitamin c) are great to use as well.

Taking vitamin supplements such as vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C is a great way to nourish the skin from the inside out.

  • Vitamin A has been shown to assist in having supple, glowing skin.
  • Vitamin B2 has been shown to help keep oil production at an appropriate level.
  • Vitamin C has been shown to help boost healthy skin collagen production for firmer skin. It also boosts the skin’s defense against UV exposure and increases the effectiveness of sunscreen which should be worn every day.

Remember, the first step to a flawless makeup look that will enhance the skin’s positive features is to have a great skin care regimen. Keep up with routine professional facial services, use quality skin care products at home and don’t forget the vitamins! 

About the Author:

Takiyah Green is a lover of skin and makeup. She enjoys researching and staying up to date with skin care and makeup trends. Takiyah pursues esthetics studies and also owns TAG Makeup Artistry. TAG Makeup Artistry is a makeup artist company that delivers beautiful makeup looks for any type of event. Whether it be a wedding, a corporate office party, or even maternity photos to cherish for a lifetime, TAG Makeup Artistry delivers punctual, exceptional and professional work. Please visit for more information.

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