DreamBee Foundations Awards $5000 Grant to #HIPWomen Cohorts Initiative

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February 17, 2020
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February 17, 2020
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DreamBee Foundations Awards $5000 Grant to #HIPWomen Cohorts Initiative

Pictured Dr. Krystal Conner and Charlene Keys Bowen

Charlotte, NC – DreamBee Foundation announced that it will award $5000 to K Conner Consulting for its #HIPWomen Cohorts Initiative. This grant will fund a cohort of twelve women from South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida who will matriculate though an intense facilitator lead development program spanning three (3) months and including behavioral assessments that provide non-judgmental insight into participant’s behavior.

“We are very pleased to support #HIPWomen Cohorts. Women who are Healed, Impactful, and Purposeful, said Charlene Keys Bowen, Founder and Chief Pollinator at DreamBee Foundation. “Strengthening family resilience is one of the primary ways in which we hope to stop child abuse and neglect before it begins. Not only will this program help women identify the root causes of stressors and vulnerabilities brought on by hardships, tragic losses and social stigma, it will also offer faith based practical guidelines to help women withstand and rebound from adversity, improve personal awareness, emotional maturity, empathy, and compassion.

This faith-based lifestyle movement seeks to help women who desire to heal themselves by first understanding who it is that GOD says they are. “We believe that when women understand their identity, they will break repeated patterns of negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, toxic behaviors and crippling generational cycles, said Dr. Krystal Conner, Founder of #HIPWomen. “When women are whole and healed, they can begin to live out the purpose God called them to, and positively impact their families, friends, and communities”. Conner went on to say, “We are very grateful to receive this award, and we are honored to partner with DreamBee foundation in its mission to eradicate child abuse and neglect.

The work that DreamBee Foundation is doing to strengthen family resilience as a means of eradicating child abuse and neglect, both Charlene Keys Bowen and Dr. Krystal Conner grew up in Columbia, SC, and individuals from SC are currently participating in this program.

About DreamBee Foundation

DreamBee Foundation was founded in 2015 as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation. Our mission is to Eradicate Child Abuse and Neglect, by stopping it before it begins.

DreamBee Foundation provides grants to organizations whose mission, values, objectives, and outcomes align with the Foundation’s goal of ensuring that all children are allowed to live free from abuse and neglect and that they are able to pollinate the world with their dreams.

For more information on DreamBee Foundation:

About K Conner Consulting

K Conner Consulting, LLC is an Atlanta based full-service consulting firm located in Atlanta providing practical and advice and guidance for discovering and walking in one’s God given purpose and call in life.

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