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Published on August 10th, 2014 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Don’t Just Speak it, “Act” Upon It

Orangeburg, SC-There is nothing worse than picking up on a negative vibe from a person, especially when the atmosphere is in a positive state and everyone is at ease feeling happy and relaxed.

Positivity, in every aspect, is vital to daily life because it is important to experience a clearer mental state and the good in every situation.  It also serves as a go-to place for those striving to block out the craziness and negativity encountered on a daily basis.

In the case of a community setting, positivity spread throughout the means of acting and local stage productions is an effective way to bring people together while briefly shying away from daily duties to indulge in leisure and enjoyment.

For one local South Carolina State University drama professor, she devoted her time to the community by working towards spreading positivity through acting, directing and playwriting.


Ursula O. Robinson

According to, Ursula O. Robinson spent time over the summer where she shared her playwriting talents with communities in the Los Angeles area.  “Bag Lady,” one of the plays she helped finalize as the story consultant, sold out in two consecutive shows at Stage 52 Theatre in LA.

Not only has Robinson assisted Tammi Mack, actress and radio personality from the “Mac and Amiche Radio Show” with the syndicated play, she also took part in the Kids Film Camp where she taught children camera acting and how to write scripts.

“I love working with kids because they are eager to create media that is specific to their lives,” Robinson said.  “They are connected to social media and television all the time. They arelearning how to create the kind of work that they have seen others create.”

Robinson gives back to her community by utilizing her acting, directing and playwriting skills.

She is also recognized for her expertise in writing personalized monologues as well as one-woman plays and comical performances.



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