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District Five students win SC Economics poster contest

District Five’s SC Economics poster contest winners Colby Braden and Rachel Kirkpatrick were recognized by the district’s school board on May 18.

IRMO – Three students from Lexington-Richland School District Five have won a statewide poster contest, aimed at continuing education in economics and personal finance.

Dutch Fork Middle eight grader Angelena Chau, Ballentine Elementary third grader Colby Braden and Ballentine Elementary third grader Rachel Kirkpatrick will have their artwork published in the 2015-2016 Economics Concepts Calendar. They were recognized by the District Five School Board on May 18.

District Five Social Studies Coordinator Melony Sanford said, “Economics is an integral part of social studies curriculum in grades K-12, and this contest allows students to visually represent concepts in economics that are taught in the South Carolina social studies standards. We are elated that we had three District Five students winning this year’s contest and that so many of our students are taking an interest in the study of economics.”

The contest asks elementary and middle school students to illustrate economic concepts including: scarcity, productive resources, opportunity cost, producers and consumers, specialization and trade, and goods and services. A total of 16 posters were selected out of the 905 entries statewide this year.

The calendars are distributed to the schools of the winners at the beginning of the school year. Copies can also be obtained by contacting SC Economics toll-free at (888) 861-6345.


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