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District Five announces 2014-2015 science fair winners

Pictured, Dutch Fork Elementary students Christina Kinard, Anna Sycamore and Kai Williams show their 1st place ribbons, earned at this year’s District Five science fair.

IRMO – Nearly 200 students from Lexington-Richland School District Five competed in this year’s science fair. The event was held at Dutch Fork High School on Jan. 24 for elementary school students and on Feb. 7 for middle and high school students.

Projects ranged from studies on emotional responses after viewing Photoshop images to research on juices that can provide adequate Vitamin C. The categories included: Life Science, Earth/Environmental Science, Physical Science and Social Science/Public Health.

District Five Science Coordinator Beth Boland said, “Colleges and employers are looking for problem solvers and people who can meet deadlines and work cooperatively. In other words, they are looking for candidates with 21st Century skills. Our students participating in the science fair had the opportunity to practice and demonstrate these budding skills at a high level. Feedback from our judges was overwhelmingly positive. We have many scientists in the making! Congratulations to this year’s winners.”

The following is a list of 2014-2015 District Five Science Fair winners:


Life Science

1st Place: Luke Alphonso, Irmo Elementary (What’s For Lunch, Turtle?).

2nd Place: Julia Sullivan, River Springs Elementary (100% Vitamin C – Which Juice Should You Consume to Stay Healthy This Winter Season)

3rd Place: Seneca McFarland, Harbison West Elementary (Can you “C” the Organic Truth?)


1st Place: Anna Sycamore, Christina Kinard and Kai Williams; Dutch Fork Elementary (New Oil – Good for Cooking or Good New Energy?)

2nd Place: Sullivan French, Harbison West Elementary (Understanding Soil Types)

3rd Place: Mahrukh Iftikhar, River Springs Elementary (The Effect of Fertilizer on Algae Growth)

Physical Science – Chemistry

1st Place: Alyssa Raynor, Harbison West Elementary (Electricity Produce “2” Power)      

2nd Place: Alice Tang, Oak Pointe Elementary (Does Salt Really Matter?)

3rd Place: AnnaGrace Jeffcoat, Irmo Elementary (Does All Popcorn Pop the Same?)        

Physical Science – Physics

1st Place: Gabe Barbone, Oak Pointe Elementary (Do You Get the Point?)

2nd Place: Abby Tam, Oak Pointe Elementary (What Objects Block a Wifi Signal?)

3rd Place: Victoria Davis, Harbison West Elementary (What Makes That Skater Spin?)      


Physical Science

1st Place: Abby Kibler, Chapin Middle (Burning Calories)

2nd Place: Luke Lackovic, Chapin Middle (Turbines: The Answer is Blowing in the Wind)

3rd Place: Cielo Craft, Chapin Middle (Battle of the Hands  by Cielo Craft)

Life Science

1st Place: Amelia Morton, Dutch Fork Middle (Light Frequency and Fermentation)

2nd Place: Kelsey Krusen, Chapin Middle (Alarming Study)

3rd Place: Veronique Chayer, CrossRoads Middle (Maze O’Fun)

IMS Expeditionary Learning International Magnet Project

1st Place:  Can Nanotechnology Help Clean Up Ocean Oil Spills by Wyatt Robinson, Amari Rice, Tanvi Singh, Emma Harper, Isiah Allgeyer, Zachary (Rollins) Mosley, and William (Lee) Salter

2nd Place: “Getting the Gross Out” by J. Wilson, Jarett Robinson, and Cole Wagner

3rd Place: EL Speaker Project by Esha Hegde, Ya Ting Zheng, Tasha Eskridge, Nicky Wang, Calvin Guyette, and Javonte Spratley


Physical Science

1st Place: Zachary Comose and Torin Stott, Chapin High (Developing a Graphene Based Supercapacitor for Consumer Electronics)

2nd Place:  Robert Gradel, Chapin High (Examining the Accessibility of Functional Electrical Stimulation Devices)

3rd Place: Tyler Wrenn, The Center for Advanced Technical Studies (Optimizing Underwater Turbine Blade to Improve the Efficiency of Ocean Energy Generation)

Honorable Mentions:

Connor Walpole and Jason Shaffer, The Center for Advanced Technical Studies (The Development of a Lid for a Nosey Cup to Improve Efficiency)

Jared Adams, Chapin High (The Creation of a Gait Correctional Device to Treat Mobility Disorders in Children)

Blake Noltkamper and Dalton Lambert, Chapin High (The Hidden Retractable Sun Visor Shade)

Life Science

1st Place: Colton Hendrix, Chapin High (Feminized Bass and Endocrine Disruptors)

2nd Place:  Karen Ni, The Center for Advanced Technical Studies (The Effects of Xylitol on Streptoccus mutans in the Presence or Absence of Sucrose)

3rd Place: Dillon Harper, The Center for Advanced Technical Studies (Developing an Optimal Bio-Petrol Blend to Maximize Engine Performance)

Social Science / Public Health

1st Place: Katherine Meyers, Chapin High (Cost/Benefit Analysis of Hands-Only CPR in High Schools)

2nd Place: Samantha McCall and Abigail Tempel, Chapin High (Cooking Class For Children With Autism to Improve Fraction Related Performance)

3rd Place: Jenna Schiferl, Chapin High (Difference in Levels of Emotion in Response to Photoshopped Photos)



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