Published on June 21st, 2018 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


‘Democratized Data’ Helps Marketing

A new service merges big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to bring critical information to the world.

(NAPSI)—Today’s global marketplace needs reliable, accessible data. Unfortunately, this invaluable data is often unreachable for businesses lacking the resources, sourcing know-how or budget. Equally as problematic, today’s data industry is complicated, fragmented, inefficient and often ineffective, wasting millions in time and money. This is why DataBlockChain.io is “democratizing” big data, leveling the field by giving small and medium-sized businesses access to critical data they need in one convenient platform. It’s providing the reliable data needed to operate a business efficiently.

DataBlockChain.io merges big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to revolutionize data-driven marketing worldwide, across all industries, for:

1. Empowerment. A blockchain-based system empowers sources to monetize their data and capitalize on the global marketplace.

2. Transparency. A blockchain approach facilitates full transparency, traceability and auditability, overcoming hurdles that data providers currently face.

3. Confidence. A transparent data vetting and grading system improves confidence building between end users and sources.

4. Simplification. Simplifying and aggregating world data transactions into one point of sale fosters a marketplace with economies of scale, facilitating a smoother checkout process that boosts data trade worldwide.

5. Artificial Intelligence. “Smart Indexing” Engines use predictive analytics to continually provide real-time, hyperaccurate data.

For more information, visit www.DataBlockChain.io.


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