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David Adams Richland County Treasurer

Pictured above: David and Pamela Adams with their children in the summer of 2013

Personal, Family and Church

David Adams was born in Seneca, South Carolina in 1971, and moved to Columbia when he was four years old.  He grew up in the St. Andrews/Irmo area and was a youth member of Union United Methodist church, and then St. Andrews Baptist Church.  David graduated from Irmo High School in 1989 as an all-state basketball player and a member of the Student Council.  He then attended The Citadel, the military college of South Carolina, where he wrote for the school’s newspaper, and graduated in 1994.

David’s parents instilled in him that serving your fellow man was the most honorable work a person could achieve.  His father worked for the South Carolina Department of Social Services for 33 years, and now works for the Federal Government for the Department of Health and Human Services.  His mother worked for the Federal Reserve, as a salesperson, an entrepreneur, and finally for the United States Postal Service.

In 2002, David was married to Pamela (Deweese) Adams who taught at Hand Middle School for eleven years before she began serving on the Richland One School Board.  They have three children, Preston, Daly, and Gibson. The oldest two attend public school in Richland One.  They are active members of Shandon United Methodist Church where they occasionally teach Sunday school. Pamela teaches at Vacation Bible School, and David is the former Chairman of the Evangelism Committee and the Church Council.

Learning to Fight for our Taxpayers

In May of 1999, David was hired by State Treasurer Grady Patterson as the Director of Information for the State Treasurer’s Office – it was a job that would change David’s life.  It was there that David was able to use his talents and efforts to help state government meet its responsibilities.  And while working for the legendary Mr. Patterson, he came to understand that government cannot serve its purpose when it spends more than it collects.

In the State Treasurer’s Office, David helped to create, coordinate and publicize a number of innovative state programs:

  • $1 billion in bonds for school construction
  • Competitive bids for state investments
  • Big Money Monday to return millions of dollars held by the state to its rightful owners
  • South Carolina’s first entry in to stock market investments
  • Chaired the committe that designed FutureScholar, a program designed to help families saving for future college expenses – all of which are still in existence today.

Fighting for Richland County’s Taxpayers

Click here to view the accomplishments of Treasurer David Adams.

In the Democratic Party

Richland County Treasurer David Adams has established himself as a leader in South Carolina Democratic Politics over the last sixteen years.  In 1994, David volunteered for his first campaign helping Charleston Mayor Joe Riley in his bid for Governor.  In 1995, he went to Washington to intern for Senators Fritz Hollings and Bob Kerrey.  He then returned to South Carolina to work for Senate candidate Elliot Close and the re-election of President Bill Clinton in 1996.  From 1997-1999, David was the Coordinator of the South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus – and also worked for Jim Hodges’ 1998 campaign for Governor.  He has helped and consulted on numerous Democratic campaigns in South Carolina from 1994 through 2010.

For his efforts as Richland County Treasurer, David Adams was named one of America’s Young Political Leaders in 2007.  He was sent on a government exchange by the US State Department to Japan in 2007.

Volunteer Activities

David has previously volunteered as a CASA Guardian Ad Litem for children dealing with abuse and neglect.  He has served meals through the Meals-on-Wheels program.  David is a former Board Member of the Lower Richland Youth Development Organization.  He volunteers at the Epworth Home for Children.  He reads at local schools and coaches little league baseball.

Professional Memberships

Treasurer Adams is the Education co-Chair of the Association of Auditors, Treasurers and Tax Collectors (SCATT) to design curriculum to teach County Officials policy and legislative best-practices.  He is also a member of the SCATT Legislative Committee pushing a number of tax payment and tax policy changes at the Statehouse.  David is a former member of the SC Association of Counties Legislative Committee.  And, he is a part of the DMV Committee that fosters state/local cooperation.  David is a member of the Government Finance Officers Association, and the South Carolina Association of Financial Professionals.


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