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Comporium Delivers Ultra-Fast Gigabit Broadband Connectivity to Midlands

Privately Owned Communications Company Expands Zipstream to Lexington Area

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Comporium, one of the first privately owned communications companies in the nation to provide gigabit broadband service – 1,000 megabits per second – announced that it is ready to sign up residential and business customers in Lexington and the surrounding communities.

Headquartered in Rock Hill, S.C., Comporium launched its ultra-fast gigabit broadband service, which it calls “Zipstream,” in Rock Hill’s downtown business district known as “Knowledge Park.”  In subsequent months, Comporium expanded the service to area business parks, and quickly followed that with the phased in implementation in all of the fiber-to-the-premises neighborhoods.

“We now have hundreds of Zipstream customers who are enjoying the benefits of gigabit speeds, both downstream and upstream, and we are expanding the technology into the Midlands region,” said Comporium’s Matthew Dosch, executive vice president of customer operations and external affairs. “We already have a few live business accounts in Lexington, and we have begun our marketing efforts where our fiber optic network and equipment have been installed.”

Businesses in a variety of high-tech and information technology fields are among the most suited for the robust data network, and the vision for the development of Zipstream was that it would be a catalyst for local economic development.

Community leaders expect Zipstream to boost the speed of development and launching of technology companies, fueling the entrepreneurial engine of economic development, according to Lexington Chamber of Commerce CEO Randy Halfacre.

“This community has benefitted greatly by having Comporium provide its technologically advanced communications products and services,” said Halfacre.  “This new offering of gigabit broadband sets us apart from many of the communities in the state and nation.  I feel that we are getting a leg up in creating a knowledge economy that helps our existing businesses and positions us to attract innovative, technology centered prospects.”

For many years, Comporium has worked closely with Lexington School District One to upgrade its broadband infrastructure.  Fiber connectivity, provided by Comporium, to each of the District’s schools and administrative offices has enabled Lexington School District One to develop one of the most reliable and highest capacity school networks in the state.

The ultra-fast speeds are enabling local schools to convert from text books to “tech” books, while also opening doors to virtual classroom environments and global online instruction and interaction.  This, in turn, better prepares students to pursue fulfilling and well-paid careers, which will be developed and located here.  Zipstream in the homes and businesses will foster those new opportunities.

Department of Commerce’s Amy Love joined the speakers to acknowledge Comporium’s expansion of Zipstream to the Midlands.

“I have to congratulate Comporium, a S.C. based company with its eye on the growth and development of this state,” said Love.  “The Dept. of Commerce was present when Comporium first announced gigabit broadband connectivity in early 2014; we’ve seen how it has taken off in the Upstate.

“We are certainly pleased with this expansion of Zipstream in the Midlands and how Comporium’s affiliate company, Home Telecom, is developing gigabit Internet service in the Lowcounty around Summerville. This is exactly the direction South Carolina needs to be taking to ensure a better future,” added Love.

Comporium is matching Zipstream’s state-of-the-art technology with an equally aggressive price.  Zipstream will be available to residents for $99 per month, and to businesses for $299 per month.  For that price business will receive additional services such as service level agreements (SLAs) and additional email storage space.

Zipstream is dependent upon a state-of-the-art network that contains three things:  1) all-fiber delivery, 2) cutting-edge network equipment, and 3) a robust path to the internet backbone that can carry significantly larger amounts of data than is carried today.

Zipstream will provide both upload and download speeds of 1 Gbps.  That is almost 85 times faster than Comporium’s standard internet service.  While the obvious benefits of this speed include lightning-fast movie downloads and incredibly rich on-line games, the biggest immediate benefits will be seen by the businesses that need to transmit very large data files (e.g., graphics, video, complex designs).

About Comporium

Comporium, Inc., headquartered in Rock Hill, S.C., is a diversified privately held communications company providing voice, video, data, wireless, smart home systems and advertising services. Comporium’s ventures include companies providing fiber transport and business solutions, data storage and managed services, smart devices and connected home/car services, and digital signage. For more information, please visit www.comporium.com.

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