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Published on April 11th, 2014 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


College: Make It Through With Flying Colors

No matter where you live while going to school, attending college is a great time in life. Use these tips you’ve learned from this article to get the most out of your college experience.

Avoid waiting for the last minute: apply for grants and scholarships early enough. Securing money in advance is the safest way to approach things. Turn in everything well before it is due and focus on other things you need to take care of.

Make a checklist of all the needed or desired tools and supplies before preparing for college. You need so you do not have to continually ask your parents to help. This is especially something to do if you are not close to home.

If you already know that college requires a lot of money that you don’t have, get a loan. College can pay some good dividends later on, so it’s better to go a bit into debt for future success.

Apply for scholarships and other grants as soon as possible. The more you give of your time to finding funding for your college, the less you’ll have to borrow. Create a list of important deadlines so that you can submit applications on time.

Make sure you are familiar with you schedule as well as the location of your classes before school starts. This will help you to get to your classes on time. You can also find libraries or cafes on your route to study or eat lunch at if you have time.

Learn about the available grants and scholarships that can help with your education. Many students don’t know that various scholarships have unique characteristics like being only for left-handed people. You can get help for federal or state grants or even take student loans.

Involve yourself in several activities like clubs and advisory panels while in college. Participating in many different activities will help you improve your resume after college. You should never spread yourself too thin and maintain a good GPA, that is the most important thing you can do.

Even where you choose can have an impact on how successful you are in a class. You will be able to concentrate and can ask your professor questions easily.

Where you sit in class might have a bearing in how well you do. Instead of slipping into class at the last minutes and sitting in the back row, arrive on time and sit in the front of the room. This shows your professor that you are involved and serious about your education.

Visit the administration offices of any prospective college. You can find out about scholarships are being offered. Lots of institutions offer students with scholarships. Visiting with admissions offer allows you get all of the available funding options you need.

If you’re taking exams, don’t skip breakfast. A healthy snack can give you the vitamins that you need without making you feel groggy. One of the biggest distractions you can have during a test is your stomach. Not enough energy often leads to low test scores.

Eat breakfast before a big test days. Even just a container of yogurt or apple can help. Your stomach can be a huge distraction when testing.

You need to get to know all of your professors when classes start. Learn how they can be contacted, their office location, and what their office hours are. It’s a good idea to be on a professor’s good side just in case you’re having trouble with certain things, they will understand.

You aren’t in a grown up after you or cook for you. Create a schedule that balances class time, study, recreation and rest. You can become ill from being too stressed or not eating healthy enough.

Hop on the bus. Often times, the time it takes to ride the bus is about the same as it would be to drive there. There are limited parking spaces available on most campuses. You’ll also save on gas and parking passes. It’s also a great way to “go green.”

Avoid eating pre-packaged foods that are processed or high in sugar and fats. Avoid an entirely high protein since it could cause health problems for you.

If you are going out of state for, think long and hard about taking your car with you. Highly urbanized environments might prove challenging places to find free parking. If you do not have a job, you might have trouble paying your insurance and buying gasoline.

You can always purchase used textbooks. The cost of text books is high. When you factor in the cost of classes, you have to stick to a budget. Shop your university’s bookstore or online retailers and brick and mortar stores that have used books.

Look for second-hand textbook deals. College textbooks are pricey. If you are already paying a fortune for college, you probably need to save all the money you possibly can. There are many bookstores or online marketplaces where purchasing used books is easy. Used books are an idea for anyone looking to save a lot of cash.

Wait to buy your books until after your classes as they may not be necessary. You might not even need all of the books that are required for a given class. This is especially true for hybrid or online classes you are taking. You can often earn good grades by following online resources and paying attention in your lectures.

Take notes during class. Taking notes can help you get a better grasp on the information you are hearing. You will also be a step ahead when it comes time to study for an exam. Take notes on everything, even in the classes that you feel fully confident about.

It doesn’t matter where you are or when you go. The college experience is a uniquely exciting time in your life. It doesn’t matter what your major is, you can benefit from utilizing the tips provided above. Try each idea to find which works best for you, then feel free to share them with others.

When first entering college, make sure you take lots of different electives. This will keep you interested in your studies and can also help you to pinpoint your ideal major. Starting early will give you the most time to experience everything that you possibly can.


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