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Published on July 31st, 2014 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


“Coffee Talk”; North Columbia Business Association (NCBA)

Pictured above attending Coffee Talk Thursdays from left; Sabrina Odom, Executive Director, NCBA; Veronica Rodriguez, Board Chairman, and Evangelina Hemphill, The Hemphill Agency and speaker for the Coffee Talk. Photo by Calvin Reese, Millennium Magazine.

Coffee Talk Thursdays is every Thursday morning starting at 8:30 AM at the NCBA office at 1013 Duke Avenue Columbia, SC 29203! Join us for a professional networking event, special guest speakers, light refreshments and more! At the last Coffee Talk the Special Guest Speaker was Evangelina Hemphill.


Evangelina Hemphill

Utilizing her more than 15 years of experience consulting and coaching with multi-billion dollar corporations and other leading organizations, Evangelina Hemphill helps female small business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives stop just being married in favor of having a Lifelong World Class Love Affair with their husbands for an amazing life together!

Evangelina is the person to turn to because she’s been there herself. After over a decade of designing and implementing award-winning work- life balance, communication, and conflict resolution campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, she left corporate America for a life as an entrepreneur.

Out of the gate she was successful, landing large speaking opportunities at top companies, helping other power women create their desired relationship, all while having her own exciting, passionate relationship with her husband. She’s been working with women in the coaching, technology, fashion, media, and athletic industries.

Today, Evangelina focuses on leveraging her expertise to help women who have busy lives and are top performers except in their relationship with their husbands – the women that haven’t giving their romances with their husband as much attention as they have other successful areas of your life.

“Most power women enter into a marriage because they want to share their life with a wonderful man for a blissful life together. They want to earn a living doing what they love along with having a successful marriage. Yet often they find that it’s a lot more difficult to achieve the excitement and passion levels in the relationship they both desire and need to make that last.”
– Evangelina Hemphill

In fact, a recent poll from found that a majority of top performing women have several things “in common” and will openly share their educations, work experiences, and styles of leadership. Rarely though, will you get some insight into the more personal of realms: the state of their home lives and marriages. After all, it can be difficult to be an elite entrepreneur or top executive when the business skills you know best are not helping you perform in your marriage.

But Evangelina is trying to help change that. Her mission is to teach women who have busy lives how to co-create their desired relationship to have a Lifelong World Class Love Affair with the man in their life for an amazing life together.

And with the unique experience of having been a top performing industrial engineer in corporate America, managing multi-million dollar projects, coaching and training other executive while being a wife and mother, Evangelina understand what it take to be a successful business woman… and knows just how to make your relationship exciting, passionate for the long term.

Evangelina’s work has garnered praise and recognition from USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and United Kingdom. Her expertise and level of confidentiality has building trust with people and organizations.

Now, through her VIP days, consulting services, and training programs, Evangelina is sharing the very communication methods and relationship strategies she’s used to grow and transform her marriage along with many others.

If you’re serious about making a significant shift in your relationship and personal life, you are invited to email Evangelina directly at to schedule your complimentary consulting session. Here’s to your World Class Love Affair with the love of your life for an amazing life together! ~ 803.546.4516 ~



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