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City’s Office of Business Opportunities Welcomes Cromer’s P-Nuts to the Trestle District (NOMA)

Pictured above left to right: Rob Turner, Cor’Deija Nelson, Cecil Hannibal, Chris Turner, Sabrina Odom, Carolette Turner, City of Columbia Councilman Sam Davis, Richland County Councilman Paul Livingston.

Recently, the City of Columbia’s Office of Business Opportunities (OBO) in conjunction with the North Columbia Business Association (NCBA) held a ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome the local small business Cromer’s P-Nuts to the Trestle District (NOMA) known as the North Columbia area. City of Columbia Officials, City staff, NCBA staff, residents of the North Main corridor and business owners all gathered to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for Cromer’s P-Nuts.

During the ribbon cutting ceremony, City and County Officials, City staff, NCBA staff, and the owner of Cromer’s P-Nuts provided brief remarks about the growth of the North Main area and how excited they are to have Cromer’s P-Nuts as a part of the Trestle District (NOMA).

“The North Columbia area has so much to offer and we highly appreciate this family for investing in the North Columbia area,” said City of Columbia Councilman Sam Davis. “On behalf of Mayor Steve Benjamin and City Council we are grateful to have you here and we will continue to do whatever it takes to make you feel at home.”

“NOMA represents the long standing history of a tight-knit business community that has called North Columbia Main Street corridor homes for decades,” said Sabrina Odom, Executive Director of the North Columbia Business Association. “The name is from the trestle that’s connected to Earlewood Park and the coffee shop in the middle of North Main St. the trestle represents the tribute to the past and a toss to the future. Today, we eagerly give a toss to the future and a warm welcome to Cromer’s P-Nuts.”

“Since 1935, Cromer’s has been a part of the Columbia community and today you’ve made a significant investment in the North Columbia area. We want to thank you for making your new home here in the Trestle district and for that we welcome Cromer’s with open arms.” said Cecil Hannibal, Executive Director of Eau Claire Development Corporation.

“As we know businesses in the City of Columbia is at the heart of our success,” said Cor’Deija Nelson, Office of Business Opportunities staff representative. “The City’s Office of Business Opportunities do our best to make businesses here in the City as attractive and easy as possible. We advocate for the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing networking opportunities and connecting businesses and their owners to resources that may help them run their businesses in a more efficient way. We would like to say congratulations to Cromer’s P-Nuts and welcome to North Columbia.”

“A lot of things that are going on in the North Main area started with a collaborative effort with City of Columbia and Richland County,” said Richland County Councilman Paul Livingston. “We’re committed to North Main and committed to do whatever we can to support the effort here at Cromer’s P-Nuts.”

“I’m proud to continue this legacy that was founded by my grandfather,” said Carolette Turner, Owner of Cromer’s P-Nuts. My grandfather founded the business as a Lexington farmer selling fruits and vegetables on the farmer’s market. Eventually, he decided to just sell peanuts on Assembly Street and that’s where Cromer’s P-nuts “Worst in town” name was developed. I want to thank everyone for making this day possible for us and we’re excited to do business right here in the Trestle District.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Cromer’s P-Nuts connects with the City Council’s Vision Statement focus areas and goals.
Focus area #1: Attracting & Retaining Talent
Focus area #5: Economic Prosperity Endless Possibilities
Focus area #6: Enhancing Columbia’s Neighborhoods
Goal #1: Grow opportunities for entrepreneurship, business development and a skilled workforce to achieve a healthy economy.
Goal #4: Collaborate and partner with entities within the Midlands region to become the state’s prime destination for residents, visitors and businesses.


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