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Cheap Office Supplies May Be Draining Your Wallet

(NAPSI)—Anyone who thinks of a printer’s toner cartridge as a mere vessel might be surprised to learn that it’s actually a critical component of the device itself.

Inside that cartridge, toner is a marvel of engineering. “Original toners are manufactured with great consistency and precision, each designed to work with its specific cartridge and printer,” said Michael Borg, Portfolio Lead and Strategic Business Manager for HP’s LaserJet Supplies. “That’s why using generic toner is a bit like putting regular gas into a car that needs premium. The printer will still work but it may not perform well and, over time, could be damaged.”

Consider these hidden costs of buying “bargain” toner:

• Wasted Supplies: Poorly manufactured toner contains many inconsistencies, often resulting in poor print quality. If toner cartridges aren’t designed with a specific printer in mind, the toner won’t move smoothly through the device, resulting in printing errors and unusable pages, leading to reprinting.

• Ruined Machines: Bargain toner cartridges can also wreak havoc inside your printer. Using toner not specifically designed for the device can cause such issues as toner sticking to the fuser or leaking into the printer. Buildups can form behind bottlenecks triggered by irregularly sized toner particles, leading to expensive device cleanings or even replacement.

• Crime Encouraged: Selling counterfeit products and using trademarked labels is no different from stealing. Those who counterfeit toner cartridges tend to sell other fake products as well, including items such as clothing, makeup and prescription drugs. The International Chamber of Commerce estimates counterfeiting activities drain $775 billion from the global economy each year, equivalent to about 5 to 7 percent of brand-name goods worldwide. To help identify counterfeit toner, look for irregular packaging and the absence of security seals.

Avoiding repairs and efficiently using consumables will go a long way toward lowering expenses, plus the positive work flow can help your business in the long run.

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