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Better Yourself and Your Business: 6 Actions Every Owner Should Take

by Rachelle Wilber

Dreams are only as good as the steps taken to achieve them. While hard work certainly does pay off, knowing how best to spend your time improving your skills and your business is time well spent. Without this crucial process, stagnancy consumes the brand, destroying any predicted potential.

Better Your Education
Each time a new generation begins filtering into the work pool, the future of business is redefined. In order to stay on top of this continually evolving cycle, you have to keep learning and keep studying. Heading back to an advanced school like NJIT for a Technology MBA is one way to stay on top of the connection between evolving management systems and modern innovation.

Do; Do Not Try
Words like “should” and “could” are all passive terms referring to things that you need to do in order to make progress happen. Using them to avoid responsibilities severely limits your power over every situation. Replace these words with “will”.

Practice Delegation
As the boss, your effectiveness truly resides in your ability to pass non-essential work to your employees. However, be wary not to overstep this line and start micromanaging. So long as the work is done correctly, you have more time to devote to steering the company.

Know Exactly What You Want
A ship without any destination will float about until it eventually hits land. If you don’t want to be struggling for years until luck strikes, know what you want. With this information, your plans, metrics and everything else can be developed to bring you closer every quarter.

Own Your Mistakes
Employees have a tendency of playing “not it” when trouble arises. As the owner, you don’t have that luxury. Every screw up is yours even if you didn’t cause it. Own up to every situation and fix them immediately.

Be the Employee You Want to Hire
Embody your ideal employee. Get to work on time. Turn in your projects when they’re due. Treat everyone with respect. If they see a slovenly boss that doesn’t follow the rules, the workers will be far less inclined to adhere to them. Just as you should dress for the job you want, you should act like the person you want to build a business with.

Changing your company starts with changing yourself. By bettering your habits and your actions, you begin a ripple effect that moves outward, positively affecting change throughout the entirety of the company. With enough diligence, the growth you’ve been yearning to achieve will happen.


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