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Published on May 17th, 2017 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Busby Street Community Resource and Training Complex

Pictured: Randy Davis , Director of Parks and Recreation, Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine, Mayor Steve Benjamin, Councilman Sam Davis, US Congressman James E. Clyburn, City Manager, Ms. Teresa Wilson and Councilman Edward McDowell Jr.

The Busby Street Community Resource & Training Complex is an 8+ acre site and will provide a perfect venue for business, training/educational and community residents to gather for meetings and activities. The City prides itself on providing opportunities that empower, educate and train our residents, and connect our communities. This building will provide a place for countless engagement opportunities by residents, entrepreneurs, workforce agencies, educational entities, the police and the public. It will be a place where our entire community can connect inside the facility or outside in open space or on the walking trail.

The City envisions a site where the facilities directly articulate community, safety, education, youth/senior engagement, training opportunity, and community and economic development opportunities and will help “bridge the gap” between business, community and police.

“This is not just to announce plans for the building, but this is to dedicate the mission of carrying out our responsibilities to those who for the most part who have lived very productive lives and who have made it possible for all of us to be here today and I think it is biblical for us to do what is necessary to give them pleasing, pleasant, and secure golden years.” – Congressman James E. Clyburn

The City envisions a site that will house numerous business/resident/community-focused programs and services that address the many needs of the business, training and residential communities.

“I want to tell the wonderful people of this community of 29203, the folks from Guernsey Street, the folks of North Columbia and Farrow Road, that this is a great day on Busby Street.” – Mayor Steve Benjamin

Quotes from Speakers:

“Thank you all so much for feeling out a vision and for dedicating yourself to the proposition that this community is as deserving of as much resources and reserve of what I would call an aesthetically beautiful project.” – Congressman James E. Clyburn

“We now have a site access of eight acres, includes a 5,540 square foot facility for our community partners to provide training programs a place for our residents and neighborhoods to come together to fellowship, to learn about empowerment, and learning opportunities.” – Mayor Steve Benjamin

“When we first conceived this project, there were some eyes raised and it was all about the question of necessity, but we thought about quality of life. This building and this property and the amenities here will address the quality of life in this part of the city.” – Councilman Sam Davis

“From a dead end street to an oasis of possibilities and opportunity, from chaos to development, from politics to people understanding that it’s not lines, it’s lives, we come to this place, this hallowed piece of soil to develop this place of hope, resources, and training. “ – Councilman Edward McDowell Jr.

“This will be a state of the art facility, an opportunity for other cities to look at, that this is what we do in our communities to help empower our residents and I will tell you that there is nothing more important than a project that will be able to hit all of our focus areas and continue to move us forward as a city.” –Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine

“The Busby Street Community Resource and Training Center will be a valuable asset to the community; it will be a hub of activities for children to play, explore and grow as well as for adults.” – Randy Davis , Director of Parks and Recreation

“It has been a long struggle. We have been to meetings. We have been to onsite visitations. We have been to architectural planning’s and we have had ground breakings. It is really a beautiful day today and we are thankful.” – Burton Heights-Standish Acres Neighborhood President, Mrs. Edna Harrison

“We are so thankful that Congressman Clyburn, Mayor Benjamin, City Council, the Columbia Empowerment Zone, and Eau Claire Development Corporation have had the patience and foresight to work with staff as we’ve tried to come up with resources in addition to federal dollars to really make this happen. We really couldn’t be more proud.” –City Manager, Ms. Teresa Wilson

“He (Clyburn) not only does what he needs to do in South Carolina, he does it all over the world. Wherever he’s called upon, he goes.” – Judge Mildred Weathers McDuffie

“Busby Street was once a dead end street with challenges of blight. There were vacant lots, structures of disrepair and outdated infrastructure including drainage, water and inadequate lighting. However, today we are excited to announce a new beginning for Busby Street and look forward to all the wonderful opportunities envisioned for this site”. – Felicia Maloney, Executive Director CEZ, Inc.


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