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Bruce A. Trezevant For President of the Columbia Branch of the NAACP

Someone once asked me why I am running for the office of President of the Columbia Branch of the NAACP.


I am running because over the last couple of years I saw no real response from the Columbia Branch of the NAACP during the nationwide injustices committed by Law Enforcement on People of Color ie: George, Brianna, and more. Many people have come to me as the Founder of Project Unity for help. Fighting injustice is not the mission of Project Unity USA but is that of the Columbia NAACP.

I am running to do my part to rebuild the dwindling membership of the Columbia Branch of the NAACP. Currently, out of 56000 African Americans that live in the Columbia area only 800 are members of the NAACP. There is power in numbers at less than 2% of the African American population of the City of Columbia where is our power?

I promise to use the experience and expertise of our veteran members and the youth and strength of our younger members to rebuild the Columbia Branch of the NAACP to be more powerful, more respected, and more involved in the fight against injustices in and around the Columbia area.

Party time is over it is time to get to work!!! Mind the divisiveness within the Columbia Branch and move forward. It is said that a house divided shall fall. WE CAN NO LONGER STAND BY AND LET OUR NAACP (YOUR NAACP) DWINDLE AWAY TO NOTHING.

Am asking for your support and your vote. Share this message with your Group, Friends, and Family. Ask them to share it with at least three other people.

Thank you
God Bless

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