Bounce Back BIG In 2020 Seminar

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February 17, 2020
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February 17, 2020
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Bounce Back BIG In 2020 Seminar

Whenever we experience a heartache, disappointment or setback, we often say to ourselves, “This is just too much for me to handle.” “What’s the use, nothing I do seems to work?” “My life will never be the same.” “Why do I keep getting the short end of the stick?” “It’s taking me forever to get my life back on track.”

When our thoughts go unexamined, especially during difficult times, our lives can be hijacked by disempowering emotional reasoning that derails our effort to get back on track.

In the Bounce Back BIG In 2020 Seminar, author of Get Unstuck Now, Jackie Capers-Brown will be sharing fundamental mindset and resilience skills that will help you do the following:

  • Manage the meaning you attach to challenging experiences
  • Move from judgment to curiosity about what else is possible in your life
  • Learn why challenges in your life are happening for you
  • Leverage the power of a positive attitude while befriending strong emotions such as fear, self-doubt and worry
  • Build upon your strengths to create a doable plan to live forward and thrive

During this interactive seminar training, you will discover practical insights and actionable strategies that you can apply immediately in your life to get back on track and live forward and thrive.

Register today for the FREE Bounce Back BIG in 2020 Seminar at Seating is limited to 35 participants.

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